Pics of camping trip.

grammypMarch 18, 2007

Here are some of the pics from our trip. The little bear lives in the RV and travels around with us.

This is the observation tower at Cheaha

This is the view from Bald Rock

This is Bald Rock

This is the view from Pulpit Rock (I don't get near edges!!!)

Toasting marshmallows.

It was soooo very cold and windy we didn't spend a lot of time outside.


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Beverly, I love your pics and it looks like you had wonderful weather for it...Judy

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That is a beautiful view--love the bear.


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Nice pictures, Beverly. Looks crispy cold to me and I don't get near any edges either! DD3 and her family like to take their RV and go camping, too.


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Hey Beverly! We've been to Cheaha one time back when we had our travel trailer. It's so pretty there. Thanks for sharing.

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Linda, it is lovely isn't it. On a clear day it seems like you can see forever. They have put in a handicap walkway to Bald Rock (elevated wooden walk with benches every 50 yards or so) but we chose to walk the path (less wind near the ground). There are lots of hiking trails, bike paths and roads. There is primative camping, semi improved, and full hook-up, cabins, lodge or hotel with restraunt. We haven't eaten at the restraunt yet, always just cook at the camp site. Moving up to the RV from the pop-up was the best thing we ever did. So easy to pack, set up, clean ... really handy for bike rides, just park in the lot and turn on the propane. When you get back, nice hot shower waiting for you.


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Great pix!

Edges....not me! I got woozy just looking at that man in that photo on those rocks! Yikes!!

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Great Pics Beverly the Bear looks he enjoyed the whole thing. It was cool and very windy for the fishing trip too.


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Nice pictures - love the bear! That view from Bald Rock would make a nice silouette (spelling?) quilt. Is that your DH?
thanks for sharing,
Kelly (NH)

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Yup Kelly, that is DH. He is much braver than me. He kept saying "this isn't the edge, there is a nice ledge just down there, come and see, it's ok,...." NOT ON YOUR LIFE! I don't get near edges, at all, not even with a railing. You are right though, that would make a nice quilt. Hmmmmm, wheels are turning, I have never done one, but there is always a first time.


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