For Kathi: Biwako's garden pictures

biwako_of_abiMarch 29, 2007

This is the first one I made, just a small space near the front door:

This is the main succulent garden a winter or two ago, as you see it when you come in the gate. It hasn't changed very much, but I have more Senecio ficoides (the "blue sticks") and several more of those big red Echeveria Mauna Loas now.

And this is the same section viewed from behind the monstrose Opuntia microdasys pallida over to the right in the second picture:

I found all three of these pictures too big, so I deleted them from Photobucket, adjusted the size, and tried again, but only the first one changed size. I don't know what I did wrong; did the same thing for all 3. I'm sorry they make you scroll to see them all.

It's nice to know a fellow succulent-o-phile!

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Biwako, I like the size of your pics! I'm not much of a gardener, but yours looks cool! I like that darker green plant with curvy leaves in the last picture. I like that you said 'blue sticks', too. :) I can never remember, let alone pronounce, most of the proper names of plants.


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I love your succulents. What area are you from? I do hen and chicks and a few others, but would love to have more. I am in South Dakota and not sure how all of them winter.

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I like the garden and the picture size. If they were much smaller I couldn't see the detail. For me the only time a photo is too big is when I have to scroll to see the whole photo. As long as it fits on my screen it's OK with me.

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I love succulents, but as I'm in Michigan, I have to be careful that they will survive our unpredictable winters.

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Hi Biwako,

Can I say a quick hi, yr. pix look lovely, can I be pls. be reincarnated as an Aeonium in yr. yard?

I just wanted to say these pix appear perfectly sized, there's no scrolling required at all, at least not for me. (Wish my quilt pix would behave this well!)

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Oh wow! I hadn't seen these pics before. That's what I get for not visiting the other side of the forum.

Jan, you are so lucky to be able to grow these guys in your yard! It is so alive with color and interest. I had alot of fun yesterday with the non-quilting items you sent me :).

Pirate_girl, I agree...that variegated Aeonium is awesome! My DH just showed me a website of a place that sells cold hardy cacti and succs. I put the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: High Country Gardens cold hardy C&S

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Deanna: Sorry, some of these posts seem not to be getting through to my personal email. I am in the San Diego area, about 4 miles in from the coast and 8 miles north of Mexico, an ideal place for growing succulents.

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Jan, Our babies have roots!!!!!! At least the few that I tugged at do. I'm not an avid gardener, so I had to learn that I should wear gloves when dealing with these babies.


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I envy you your climate, Jan! I'd love to grow some of these plants outside. If we ever move....

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Can you believe i'm just for the first seeing these and i'm in awe.I never remember to come over here to conversations side.Will have to make a mental note to self to do this.

I just love your gardens and will take a better look later today.The size is perfect for me,these old eyes couldn't see them if they were smaller.

Thank you so much for posting them ,even if i didn't see them right away.

PS what are the tall pink flowers in the second picture??

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I love your pictures and your garden!

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I don't come here often myself, but GW sent me your message, so here I am again. Thanks for the nice comments, people.

Kathi: The lighter pink flowers sort of in two masses are Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi--very easy to root from cuttings and easy to raise. Want some? They bloom in the winter.
The taller, and darker pink, more sparse flowers belong to either Bryophyllum daigremontianum (aka mother of thousands) or Bryophyllum tubiflorum (aka Kalanchoe tubiflora; I think the Bryophyllum name is newer). The latter has more orangey flowers and funny cylindrical leaves that produce babies at the tips; they fall off and root where they land--seemingly all over the garden. The former has more reddish flowers and more normal-shaped leaves, but the leaves get "babies" all along their edges, hence the nickname. I can't be sure from the picture which one it is, though I suspect it is B. daigremontanum. I have both coming up here and there around the garden, if you want some. They bloom around November, and the flowers last a long time.

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Jan, I love your gardens! I'm a shade gardener here in the NE...but I just wanted to say that your design is lovely! The different textures and colors and plant shapes is truly a pleasure for the eye to see.
Thanks for sharing your pictures..
Lynn in PA

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I have the Kniphofias,but you have such a mass of them i didn't recognize them.I googled it so i could see a close up,and yup,it's the same one i have.I have most of mine in containers,i'll have to find some pictures to show you.

If you have any extras of the blue senacio,i'd love some of that.

Here's one of my Kalanchoes,i have several of these.

Here are a couple of my sedums.


I also like epidendrums and have several colors of those.
If you see anything you want a cutting of let me know.

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Your garden is so beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm not a gardener but I love to see them in real life or pictures.

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