Deck skirting other than lattice?

sunny_neMay 30, 2007

Any suggestions for a material other than lattice that I can use for the skirting around my deck?

Anyone ever used wire fencing for this purpose? I was thinking the wire fence could be stapled to the wooden beams. I need the skirting to prevent my dogs from getting under the deck. The deck is about 3 1/2 feet off the ground. Thank you !

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Both lattice and wire sound terrible to me, unless no one will see it.

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What kind of decking material do you have? Fwiw we used heavy galvanized wire screening (1/2 square holes, I believe) framed in ipe as our deck is also ipe. We mitired all ipe corners and were really picky about the joinery. We built them as panels so you can easily remove them and get under the deck if needed. We love the clean's a lower profile than lattice.... and the way the metal contrasts with the warmth of oiled ipe...thought about going with stainless screens but the cost was too high.This keeps our 2 dogs out from under the deck w/no problems.

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one more thing.....I was going to let this go but have decided instead to comment.
This is a response to alb1k...I checked your page and noticed that you are new to the forums so here is a friendly word: the op was asking for material and design suggestions. Your reply contains neither but does have the kind of terse, opinionated tone that kills the exchange of ideas or can cause the thread to sink to the level of "p*ssing contest". A little courtesy goes a long way here. As does productive feedback.

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You could probably also paint the wire black, or bronze, or something that'll dress it up and/or make it disappear.

Another possibility, depending on budget: use the same material as your house siding, whatever that might be. That's how we went, on a very high-budget deck, and it looks great - blends the deck right in with the house, and makes it look very integral, instead of like, well, a deck. Just costs a bundle (or can, anyway), and might not look that great if your house has, say, 40-year-old vinyl siding... We looked at a lot of different skirting options, and the idea of lattice didn't appeal at all, so I can understand where your desire for alternatives comes from.

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I would not suggest using siding to skirt your deck as it will cut off all ventilation which decks need. As far as using wire, yes I've used it on some of my jobs for the very purpose you want it, keeping dogs & other critters from getting under the deck. You can get colored vinyl coated wire at most of the big box stores than come in 2x4 squares.


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Thanks for the responses! I'm nearly done painting the deck and the next project will be putting up wire to dog proof the area underneath...

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I just re-read my post and I agree, it's not very helpful and the tone is negative. My apologies to sunny.

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I love the idea of replacing my lattice so I thought I would revive this post. sunny ne or anyone have any pics?

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Never mind. I just found a bunch of pics after googling "deck skirting."

Before today I had no idea it was called skirting. Never thought men with power tools would be working on skirts ;-o

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I love working on Skirts, hose and heels really get me into the Job.

Man dont get on the wrong side of Berrie a Person will get his Patoti kicked right outa here!!!

Al is right solid skirting with out cross ventalation is a bad idea however screened vents can be installed in the skirting to provide the needed. We have built Square cedar lattice skirting with a 2'' design that looks really good

For an econ deal,kinda, black chain link fabric is pretty quick to insatll and looks good as well, very long lasting.

Keeping dogs out and keeping snakes,coons,possons out two different things solid skirting works best for the last few. J.

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LOL john hyatt!

I am worried my dogs could break through the screening but like the idea that it wouldn't be very visible. The square lattice sounds the best to me. May have to break out the miter saw. May have to look into the chain link fabric, too.

Had a possum in the yard a few weeks ago. Scared the heck out of me. I think it scared one of the dogs too. He was staying away when I came upon the scene. I like the idea of a solid skirt but figure they could always burrow under there anyway.

Thanks for the info. Here is a pic of the visitor:

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And here are the dogs that need to stay out from under the deck (and away from opossums.) They are allowed to chase rabbits away. But not eat parts of them and leave the rest for me to clean up! Yuck!

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Yupers,,,those possums guys move slow and mostly at night but they are stupid and really sneeky,coons now they move at all speeds and they have thumbs they can get into anything.

I have a cat door for the Rex Cat here at Butler Manor coons and possums have found their way in a few times, I live trap them with peanut butter,greese and crackers. The possums are just too gross but the coons are right tastie!!!

Nice looking Dawgs! I agree that wide wire woudent do much to slow down the critters or the collies. Most of the time the creatures move on what they see, but they dont usually dig or forse into something that dosent look open.

Idea>>> Frame in for the skirtng with a solid say...hmmmmm 2x8'' preasure treated as the bottom rail set an inch or so in the ground,2x framing from there up to the deck frame, install the sq lattice framing pannels,I make them out of 1'' stock,or the black chain link, they actually vinal coat that stuff, on the frame in a secure nature. Bang Bang done. Its important for this work to Look very solid and be solid of course, but its the look the creatures go for its all in their eyes unless there is something behind the skirting they want most of the time they wont even think about a force entry. J.

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I like the sound of the black chain link, does anyone have any pics? How would you attach it to the ground? What about just taking some decking boards and lining them up vertically all the way around the bottom. I know that would be costly, but would look nice. Would enough air be able to circulate underneath?

I have to admit, I hate decks and am building one soon. We may just leave it open underneath. Seems like if there's any trash in the yard or leaves, that is where it's gonna blow.

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Tasty coons?! Ewww. I am more of a chicken and beef kinda gal.

Thanks for the ideas on the skirting. I will post pics when I am done(if it looks good.)

The weather needs to cooperate first. The pics of the hounds were taken a week ago today! I hate snow!!! Thanks for the compliments on my dogs. I got them both from rescue organizations. They are good pups except for that half-rabbit eating thing.

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I have probably a very amateur question relating to skirting my deck with lattice. The space under my deck that I want to cover is about 1 1/2 feet at the largest area and then continues to decrease in size as it extends around until the deck bottom meets flush with the ground (on a slope). My only need for installing anything is to keep my dogs from crawling underneath. I am not too concerned with look or usability since it is such a tight-fit area and on the back of the house. I have read about installing the lattice and having to put up support blocks on the top and bottom when it is attached to the deck. How big of a mistake will I be making if I do not provide a lower support? With such a small area to cover, I just feel that I may be causing more work than good trying to anchor a lower support. Suggestions? Would there be an easier covering to install than lattice? I have read all the posts on the wiring and may look into that. Thanks!

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There's a great fabric product called Deck All that is easy to install and is made, essentially, from the same fabric as truck tarps. Easy access and great ventilation too. Just Google "Deck All" and you'll get their website.


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I Suggest if You are Going to Use Chain Link that You Might Want to Spray Paint it Flat Black and Put it Behind a More Open Wood Design - This Will Give You the Desired Effect and Not Take Away From the Look of the Deck =]

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