3-4 Blessings/thanksgivings

grammypMarch 4, 2007

Yesterday we got to get our groceries, take a very nice long bike ride, do some yard work, grill steaks for dinner, do some cleaning and still get to bed early. It is so nice to have a day with out kids every now and then to just spend how you want.


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Beverly, I'm glad you were able to be kidless for a day.

We went to dinner and a movie (Wild Hogs) with DD, SIL and DGD Saturday night. Was nice to spend time with them.


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I could have written on the calendar, "Told you so!" Told DH that the pond wasn't dry enough for him to drive the tractor across. It was a wonderful blessing that a. I didn't smirk too much when he came in and asked me to come help b. That my hip is better so I could smuck through the mud to climb up on the stuck tractor c. that the the other tractor was able to pull us out d. when pulling me out the wheels were stuck by mud so they wouldn't turn but....... DH stopped before I hit to many trees, don't worry they were small trees. hehehe e. that we live in the day of telephones so I could call my sisters. All in all quite a blessful day. Yes it's nice to have days without the kids, otherwise one of them would have gotten to be on the stuck tractor. LOL

Aunt Net

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Aunt Net, I do hope you got pictures. What would life be without any adventures.


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