PB's -Question on Multiport Valve issue..

thejimbarApril 28, 2011

Have a Praher SM20-2 Multiport Valve (Pentair?) on our Jandy DE filter. After first backwash of the season was completed and valve reset to "filter", I started up the spa and noticed quite a bit of water coming out of the backwash line. Shut down the pump and rotated the valve to backwash and then back and tried again, same result. After moving the valve around a bit, I did finally manage to get the backwash water to stop.

Is this a result of a bad gasket? Something that can be replaced easily? Or is it just because it was the first time since closing that the valve had been moved and it just needed to soften up a bit again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. New multiport is around $200, not bad, but would rather replace a gasket if I could...

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The rebuild kit is R0444000 and about $70 for the Jandy version but I don't know if they are the same. If racket or Kelly see this, he might know.

Prayer makes the multiports for Jandy and others.


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The SM20 is pretty easy to fix.

Just take the bolts off and see if your "spider" gasket is seated properly in the bottom half of the valve.

Typically, when water is jumping over from one vein to another, you have a gasket issue.

Could also be the spring not pressing the diverter plate firmly down on the gasket. Sometimes you get DE and other debris in the diverter stem that keeps the plate from seating all the way down. Just clean it up and maybe lube the stem.

Should be an easy fix. Dont spend $200 when a $10 gasket or a little cleanup should fix it.


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I am not a PB but had the same problem. Did as KS said above. We removed the screws and removed the top, lodged in the spring area was a(swollen)seed....which we have lots of! Put it back together and it has been working great since.

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