Need Help Problem With Duran Oil Paint!

harkitslarkMay 3, 2009

I have tried painting my porch 3 times now with Duron oil paint. The paint NEVER dries! I went back to Duron 2 times and both times the salesman said I put the paint on too thick. I made sure it was so thin this time and it still smears after 3 weeks of painting it. So it cannot be because I've put it on too thick. It's like a soft texture that keeps smearing and really never seems to dry! I'm so frustrated. What is a good paint to paint a porch a dark color? Is oil or latex better?

I'm painting my porch a dark Eggplant color and the oil paint never seems to dry. Do I have to use oil? Can I get dark colors in latex? How do I get this paint off again? Do I need to prime it if I want to go over the oil with latex?

I dont' like to knock paint companies but this Duron paint really sucks. Has anyone else had a problem with Duron oil paint?

If anyone has some advice...please help. It looks like I am going to have to sand and scrap yet again! It's a nightmare to work with and I will never buy it again.

I used Pratt and Lambert in the past and it went on like butter...and i don't remember this type of problem. It's hard to find though.

Thanks all! Have a good one!


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