need porch/portico design ideas

cricket6670May 4, 2010

My wife and I are soon to close on a new home, which we chose because A.) it had everything we were looking for in terms of size and layout and B.) it has something of a unique look compared to the cookie-cutter McMansions in the newer subdevelopments.

That said, it is definitely what many people call a Gargage Mahal, with the garage front and center, lacking quite a bit in curb appeal.

Strangely, we were drawn by the unique, contemporary look. It ALMOST reminds me of a colonial style with the hip roof and square windows, but I'm a bit thrown by the tall, recessed entry and the one window (at top left) that juts out further than the rest.

Any improvements to the façade will probably be limited in terms of scope (i.e. changes to the existing roof-line would likely be cost prohibitive), so I'm seeking design ideas for a porch or portico... something that will up the curb appeal and make the home more welcoming.

Feel free to take a look and let me know if you have any opinions. Photo link attached below.



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Looking at the photo of the front of your home, I can see why a nice porch would add a new front to the home and increase it's curb appeal.
No doubt an AIA would be helpful, but just for ideas I'd suggest bringing a porch out flush with the garage front wall and stretched accross to the left end of the house.

Now in order to do this, you would loose the PW above the entry doors. I don't see any other way. Besides, I don't like that PW. It's out of proportion with the home's front. It's too big.

Imagine the break line between the first and second floor continuing right across the front of the house, from left to right. Right over the removed PW.

Now you have a place to build a shed roof just below the twin D/H windows on the second floor and a full porch below.
If you can visualize this...

The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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