baby shower-need your opinions please!

bkfdwifeMarch 21, 2007

Good morning!

I am planning Jayme's baby shower for May. I'm doing it as all her best friends now live out of town, and while they have offered to help, none want to actually plan it....No biggie...I am a good planner!LOL

I have never planned a baby shower before, but have been scouring the 'net for good modern ideas. Here's what I have come up with so far...Was looking for ideas and advice from Jayme's cyber aunties!

Looking to use the local elderly community hall....if I can get it, it will be perfect, doing that this week. Thinking May 20th around 2pm so that I don't run into a Holiday weekend and also avoid Graduations, weddings etc in June. She is due July 14th, by the way.

Due to budget restraints I am serving cake and punch, along with chips and dip and veggie platter with dip. Could use some advice on the punch or drinks.

The theme will be Pooh inspired. I have ordered online some pooh paper for the invites. I haven't done the guest list yet, but roughly thinking 50 people. I am expecting alot from MIL's church to come, as they have known her since she was an infant.

Decorations I am going to do pooh inspired things, balloons, keeping it simple...table decorations mostly I think.

As a party favor, I want to get some unscented votive candles, wrap in pink tulle. I have found a good source online for a reasonable price. Tie with ribbon and maybe a baby favor. Attached will be a card thanking them for coming, and asking them that when they hear of Annabelle's birth, they light the candle and offer good wishes and prayers.

A couple of game ideas....on arrival, each guest will get a blank bingo card. Before gifts are opened, they fill the squares in with different gifts they think Jayme will get. They must be specific, color included. As that gift is opened they cross it off. The first to cross off all on the card wins a door prize. Here is where I am stuck-Doorprizes. I have an embroidery machine, so can do up something, but really need suggestions, and need to keep this low cost.

I have a couple more game ideas, but have to tweak them. Simple and quick, nothing embarrassing. Probably will do the measure a piece of yarn that you think matches Jayme's belly, and have Jayme's belly premeasured to save her everyone touching her belly!LOL I may also do a raffle where you get a ticket for each pack of diapers you bring. I am still debating this one, as I just don't feel right about it. It's asking people to bring an extra gift. Still mulling it over.

So, that's the general idea of it all. We should have a good mix of ages, as MIL is 84!LOL

I would love to hear advice and ideas, what has worked and what hasn't. Please tho, don't criticize me for doing it, I want to make sure she has a nice shower.

Thank you!!!


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Rather than some of the odd party games I read about online, I wanted something classier for my sister's shower. Depending on the size of the group and the individual guests, these ideas might or might not be useful for you.

1) In the invitation, I told guests that they'd be making a scrapbook page for the mom-to-be. This gave them advance notice to come up with a quote, a story, piece of sage advice, etc. that they would add to their scrapbook page at the party. I had scrapbook paper, gel pens, double-sided tape, etc. ready for the guests. I served as facilitator to get their pages made during the party. I helped them pick out a few co-ordinating pieces of paper and gel pens. I gathered their finished designs and put them into the credenza drawers, to keep them all straight. After the party, I assembled the pages. Oh, and I had one helper at the party. I gave her a list of guests and a camera. She had the assignment of taking at least one good picture of each guest. I had prints made. I cut out circles and ovals of the guests and added them to the scrapbook pages they had made. A few pages were group shots, pictures of gifts being opened, pictures of the helpers grilling chicken, etc.

2) I gave each guest a piece of fabric. Solid yellow. 8.5" square. Gave them fabric markers and had them write something on there for the baby, to be made into a quilt. Had them leave 1" margin all the way around. Had them sign their names, as the baby would know them. Made that into a quilt that was presented at the baby's christening a few months later. They drew many nice pictures and wrote many wise sayings. The corner blocks served as the labels. In one corner, I put the baby's name, birthdate, time & weight. Another corner, the date of the shower. Another corner, date of the christening. Last corner was my own block for the saying I wanted to write. And I put care instructions on the back, in case the quilt ever ends up in a dorm room.

These might be a lot more work than you want, but my sister really appreciated the finished products. That made it all worthwhile for me.

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For one of my showers, my sister asked each guest to bring their favorite story book. They could write a note or simply sign their name inside. Starts a great selection of books for later on.

I personally wouldn't do that diaper thing...sounds weird.

Helium balloons are a fabulous, fairly inexpensive way to really decorate up a space!

You could have a little guest book where each guest could pass on a piece of wisdom for either Jayme or the baby to use/read down the road.

Punch: sherbert & gingerale is always a favorite, trusty standby

Menu: sounds dont need much for an afternoon deal...

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I would leave off the chips/dip and put out some fresh strawberries instead. Serve lemonade to make it easy on you and most everyone loves lemonade.

Must you do party favors? I've never been to a baby shower where the guests were given party favors.

Make a pretty pair of pillowcases for the door prize.

Not sure about the games centered around her belly. I'd think that would be a little too personal. Nix the everyone bringing diapers too - that is an extra gift and some may have planned to bring several packs as their gift.

Ask a good friend or family member to take photos of the party. Jayme will treasure them and can add them to the baby book.

You didn't say how many were invited?


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At every baby shower I have ever been to we did the diaper gift giveaway. It is completely optional for the guests. But if they do bring a package they get entered into a drawing for a gift. At one baby shower I went to it was a nice wooden serving tray for serving breakfast in bed. At another it was a gift basket from bath and body works. (Just a note about the bath and body works. If you get a scent someone doesn't like, bbw will exchange the scents out of a gift basket, even if you don't have a receipt.) Bringing the diapers was never manidotory. Just optional and helped the mom out. It was always a big success. There was just a little note in the invitation saying that if you would like to bring a pack of diapers then you could win a great prize. We usually had about a 50/50 turn out for the diapers.

We also always have the guest fill out a blank envelope with their name and address for sending out thank you notes, then all the envelopes that were filled out we put in a bowl and the a couple were drawn out and they got a little gift. Nothing big, just like a nice candle or a set of dish towels. Something small and inexpensive. It is a nice way to get a jump on the thank you cards and the people at the party like that they have a chance to win a little something.

If you are going to have about 50 people I wouldn't play to many games. The measure the belly game isn't too bad. There is also the secret word game. We used necklaces with little pacifer party favors on them. Just yarn and the party favor. You pick a word like baby, or girl or something related to the shower. We usually use baby. Then when ever someone says baby they get to take the other persons necklace. At the end of the shower the person with the most necklace's collected wins a little prize. It's really funny to watch everyone talking and trying not to say baby so they don't lose their necklaces.

I'm with Teresa on the party favors. I have never been to a baby shower that gave out party favors. If you are worried about cost I would nix the favors and spend that part of your budget on something else.

For the food I would put out a nice veggie tray, a fruit tray with the cream cheese fruit dip. And maybe the chips and dip. Just something people can graze on while you open gifts. With 50 people it will take a long time to open gifts. And you don't want it to drag out to long, people will become bored.

As for drinks, Water and lemonade are usually good. As is the gingerale and sherbert punch. Those are all good things that are quick and easy to replenish when you need too.

Okay this is getting really long. So if I think of anything else I will add it in another post.


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I have a really awesome punch recipe that my mom serves a lot (by a lot, I mean, every family gathering) It's pretty easy to make, and is best made ahead of time. Inexpensive, too. I'll find it later and post.

For games, last baby shower I went to, we were given two clothes pins, and we couldn't cross our legs. If someone spotted us crossing our legs, they got one of our clothes pins. At the end, the person with the most pins won a small prize.

I, personally, wouldn't do the measure the belly thing. It's a little... weird. But you might be best asking Jayme if SHE'S comfortable with it. My soon-to-be SIL went to a baby shower where they mom-to-be didn't know about that game, and got really upset.

Good luck.

~ Kit

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All very good ideas, please keep them coming! And no worries, I will totally run all ideas by Jayme! This isn't going to be a surprise, there is just no way I can get it past her!! Taking everything into consideration. I am thinking roughly 50 people, and if I don't have to do games, then I won't, I am not a game person!LOL Kit, would love to have that punch recipe...

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Oh, this sounds like fun. I just love showers. Our church always has diaper/prayer showers. The only gifts brought are diapers and prayers (but of course if you want to bring extras you are welcome to. As you present your gift to the new mom (since it is diapers, no need to wrap) or as she opens yours if it is wrapped you tell a short story about something from their childhood or how they met the recipeint... and a prayer they have for the baby. We also pass around a baby book or autograph book for everyone to write a short message or prayer to the baby and someone takes lots of pictures to be included. Our showers last a really long time.

I think the candles will be sufficient for gifts, especially if they are in a nice little holder. If you want prizes for the games, you could make little quilted/emboidered doily for the candle.

We usually have a simple punch (2qt fruit punch, 1qt gingerale, 1qt pineapple sherbet, all quantities are estimates) and of course coffee, lots of cookes, cake, finger sandwiches, nuts, mints ... the usual shower foods. Sometimes I get creative and make bootie shaped goodies with marshmallos and frosting.

If there will be lots of people there may not be time for many games. I like the BINGO idea, and the belly measurement will be ok if she is ok with it, but some of the older ladies may find it objectionable.

Hope you have lots of fun.

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Everyone has wonderful ideas. But, if you have that many people I would nix the games or do just ONE. I dont like the game part. It will take a while to open everything. It sounds like lots of fun.

I am helping Nicoles friends do her wedding shower on April 1st by having it at my house since I have the most space. The wedding is April 20th. She has her dress I dont have mine. the 1st reception at church just cake and punch. The 2nd reception the next day is a crawfish boil with about 50 folks. Wears me out just thinking about it.
Oh and one funny not so much she called it off on MOnday then it was back on Tuesday. So I had my heart attack for the week.


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Oh how fun for you! As for games, the BINGO one was played @ the shower for my DGS#1 and it is kinda fun cause you are playing it throughout the gift opening. If you do it you hardly need any more. Love to hear some of these punch ideas. I never have had punch with sherbet in it, I presume it is the frozen stuff. It's funny how geographics can make things like punch foreign to me. Where I live we don't have showers until baby is about a month old and baby is truly the guest of honor. I think that getting someone to take pictures is a great idea, at DGS#2 shower there was no one with a camera. What a shame. I have also never seen party favors given out and think that unless it is something that is expected in your area that you could use that part of your budget elsewhere. I think that you will have a great time doing this and will do a great job and Jayme will love it!

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I can't really help as in europe we don't do the shower business at all! But, I think the idea of people lighting a candle and praying/wishing wonderful thoughts for Annabelle at the time of her arrival is a beautiful idea.
What about a cake made from nappies as a centrepiece? LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nappy cake

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Wow, you've all got some great ideas!
I like the candle idea as well. I am hesitant about the diaper raffle idea.
Kelly (NH)

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If you have any guests that live too far away to come to the shower, there are several ideas offered above that they could do.

The scrapbook page for one. If you let them know what the paper size is and what theme you've decided upon, the out-of-towner's can make & mail to you ahead of time.

The quilt square can also be done and mailed.

Stories and be written, mailed & read at the party.

I like the bingo idea as an ongoing game. Older guests wouldn't need good hearing to play just decent eyesight. I hate to admit it but I have trouble hearing & understanding in groups. Half the time I don't know what's going on. Granted baby showers are for young women with young friends. I just get in a corner and try to look old enough to be wise and not just hard of hearing.

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I also do embroidery, everyone can use some kitchen towels, they are not expensive and easy. A BBQ apron might be fun to do too. You have to think of things that could go to anyone because it's impractical to personalize. Going with spring or summer themes is safe. Chololate sayings like "Seven days without chocolate make one weak" or "A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands" How about "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house" or in gold script embroider "Born Free" then underneath in type put "Now I'm Expensive" kind of goes with having kids, huh?

I really like the envelope idea Amy had. This will make is easier for the mom to get the cards done. My Sister asked for diapers or wipes at her DS shower. We placed them in the portable crib (or playpen?) when people arrived. It sure was a help for the young couple to recieve some essentials.
My sister got a package of white onsies and had people decorate them with colored fabric markers. When they finished, we hung them up on a clothesline we put up on a wall for decoration. We also hung up all the clothes on the curtain rods. Don't forget to tape receipts to outfits and presents. We used masking tape to write who the outfit was from before we hung it up. The clothes made a beautiful decoration and it was fun to see the cute outfits around the room!

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What great ideas from everyone, I had to see the diaper cake! Cute Cute.
If you do scrapbook or the clothes line thing, how cute is that, with such a large group I think you could forgo the games all together, too much clutter, the guests will want time to just visit, we don't have time for that these days. The last couple of showers I've been to, there was poor game participation, we were too busy talking.
I love the idea of the candle, usually showers have simple favors and this one sounds lovely, I think just a ribbon and instructions would be elegant. Since all her girl friends live out of town I think this would be a very touching to them, it would be for me.
Since I have teachers in the family we would vote also for the book idea. If you want to embroidery on towels I suggest a Pooh persona with one of his sayings, or Tigger or Piglet ect. can't come up with a saying at the moment but I'm sure you could find something. Pooh loves balloons so I also vote for lots of balloons as decorations.
Food, cake and punch or even a flavored tea, vegi tray and fruit tray, that is plenty girl!! (and healthier than chips and dip) Don't worry about having enough for a meal, its just a snack.
You need to round up some help. One or two in charge of helping prepare and restock food trays and drinks and clean up. One or two to help give gifts to DD to open, pass around or display and trash detail and keep a written account of who gave what. I'll bet her friends walk in the door asking what they can do to help, have a list ready.
Good luck and let us know what you decide on.

Aunt Net

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Here's a few more ideas:

If you don't want to have everyone fill out their own Thank You address, print the invitation addresses on a sheet of labels, then a duplicate copy for the Thank You envelopes are all ready to go.

In addition to this, use this same mailing list to compile a gift list...have the names down one side and a space for whomever it is to just fill in the present need to ask Jayme the person's full name/spelling whatever. When Jayme says 'this one's from Aunt Sally' the person taking notes finds 'aunt sally' on the list and that's that.

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Some ideas from an "older" woman! Please take them in the vein they are offered, and do what you please. I'm not really that old, but I can get considerably grumpy at times, LOL. BTW, I just turned 50. The only baby showers I expect to be invited to anymore are for my son's wife if he ever has one, or one child of my very best friend.

I know the idea of having the guests address their own thank-you envelopes is an idea that has taken off among the younger set - but seriously, as an "older person", I was shocked the first time it happened to me, and a bit offended, too! Reasoning - I've been invited, I've taken time to either make or shop for a gift, and the bride (in my case) or mother-to-be can't take enough time to write her own thank-you notes? Either thank me, or don't, but don't make me work for a thank-you note. I'd rather not have it.

If you're going to be having a large number of older people, you may consider having (assigning) someone to fill out those envelopes, or have it done in advance, or just skip it. The older folks will be offended. And you or your daughter will all ready have the addresses if you've invited the people. Use a computer and print out the address labels in advance.

Also, JMHO, favors are not necessary! I came for the party to "shower" the mother-to-be with a gift, and I really don't want a "thing" to take away. A thing means I have to store it, or use it, or pitch it - in other words, it puts an additional obligation on me. And a favor that is a food item will be left by more than 1/2 the guests - been there, seen it happen too many times. Save the money and start a savings account, LOL. If you absolutely must do favors, please, an unscented candle (I have asthma), wrapped in the tulle with a ribbon, but I don't want to have to throw out a plastic safety pin, diminutive bottle or other "baby" thing. And I will throw them out, and so will your guests! But I could possibly reuse the ribbon. I find it wasteful of both money and resources to stick little plastic things on gifts. I much prefer to be provided with a beautiful chocolate truffle to eat AT the shower - and one is enough.

I LOVE, LOVE the idea of a clothesline on the wall to pin the outfits on!! I think that's brilliant! I also think the decorated onesies are a wonderful idea!

Also great is the idea of having guests sign or draw on a quilt block. Have them all over-sized, with the freezer paper already ironed on. Draw the border, so they don't go into the seam allowance. Have fabric crayons or pigma markers ready, as well as some ideas for simple drawings from coloring books, or a list of "baby sayings" for them to write.

As to the games - I'm not hard of hearing, but I also have little tolerance of shower games. I would not participate in a measuring of the mother's belly. I was 29 when I had my baby, and I was horrified when people at work wanted to touch my belly - and work people threw me a shower. Fortunately my DH worked at the same place, and he stopped them from playing that game. LOL. They still made me a fricking hat from all the ribbons, and insisted I wear it for a photo. I didn't like that either, but tolerated it with good grace. Bingo might be tolerable.

Understand, all of these shower games started when it was giddy 18 and 19 year old girls having babies, and the people who attended baby showers were all the same age, and the only older people were the mums and grandmums. Friends of the parents didn't usually attend. They showed up AFTER the birth with a lovely blanket or outfit, several days after Mother and baby were home.

So I don't know how old your DD is, and you have to consider both her and the audience. I was a good 10 years older when I had my first than my mother was. My sensibilites and preferences were too.

Shower food - crudite and dip, fruit and dip, finger sandwiches if you wish, cake, punch, tea and coffee. Maybe a truffle.

Please take this in the way I intend it - tongue in cheek for the most part, but also trying to save you some money.

I would concentrate on nice food and drink, no favors, only one game at the most. Sit around! Eat! Open presents! Nothing more is required of a good shower.

Hoping I didn't sound too grumpy, LOL.


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WOW! what a response! I certainly appreciate all the great ideas! I think alot of the preferences are regional, to be quite honest. When it comes to the attendees here addressing their own envelopes, I believe and uproar would occur to be truthful!LOL Some things would be accepted here, some not. I do expect this to be an older crowd, with more traditional expectations along with it. Jayme as nixed the measure her belly thing, and I think at this point the only game will be the bingo one. I will incorporate some of the other ideas, and stick with simple food. A Nappy cake would be awesome, and I will check into that. When I have a chance I am going to write down all the ideas and go thru them closer. Please don't anyone be offended if I don't use your idea!!!! I like the punch idea, as that adds some pretty colors to the refreshment table, along with lemonade and unsweetened ice tea for the diabetics, and of course water as you can't please everyone! I will have plenty of help on the day of, so that isn't a problem, and will remember to bring a camera. great ideas!
Thanks again all...I do appreciate it!

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