Fencing 911!

mommapMay 7, 2012

I hope I am in the right Forum.. I did not see a category for fencing...

I need your help... I am WAY out of my league on this-- I am working with two men which only care about the functionality and zero about cosmetics!

We had a security system put in recently and are finishing the project by installing a gate and some fencing at the entrance of the driveway. Sounds fancy, but not! We are in the boonies, not a fancy gated community. We currently have a painted wood split rail fence. (I will be happy to post a current photo if it will help)...

We have two choices: (maybe there are others??)

1) The new fencing which is needed to come up the driveway can be built from wood and painted to match existing fencing..

2) We could replace the existing fencing with vinyl and use vinyl for the who project..

Any opinions? Has anyone ever used Vinyl fencing? I would love to post a photo of the existing fencing/house etc, but I will have to figure out how to post a photo. Seems a little trickier than just the cut and paste :(

The vinyl is more expensive but we are hoping very little maintenance. However, does it look cheap?

The gate would be made out of iron:

I also have a sketch of the existing driveway and I think I can scan and post if that would help as well.

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You can post photos by uploading them to a site like photobucket (free). Then copy the text they have under the photo that says "html" and post that into the body of your post here.

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