anyone used Metal Roofing for Under Decking?

lynn_8989May 6, 2012

We can't afford to do use the plastic Underdecking brand for this lower patio, so one of my contractor buddies suggested we use colored corrugated metal roofing material, overlapped at the seams with leak proof screws. I'd love to hear your opinions and see any photos if you have them. We can get this material in dark brown, which is what I was thinking would look the best from the deck above since you may see a bit of it between the cracks of the boards.

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Yes, I finally had mine done a week ago with metal roof panels. I had read some old messages on here about it last year, and went ahead and finally had it done this year.

We used "PBR" style panels that have 1-1/4 inch deep humps. I went with white color so it looks brighter underneath the deck, and don't really notice it from above. We used 2x6's attached to each existing joist on an angle to form a slope, and then used 2x4's across on 2-foot centers to form a frame to mount the metal panels too. We didn't screw through the humps because that's where the water drains down, we screwed right next to the humps. We also installed a gutter on the low side and tied into an existing downspout.

Had a few rains so far and it has been drip free! I'm not sure how to add photos here...

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