Northeast Pool Owners....You opening soon?

thejimbarApril 12, 2013

Opened ours yesterday, pool faired well this winder. Looking forward to another great season. When are you all opening?

Amazing what 24 hours of filtering can do.



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Opening on May 20th... Can't wait!

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We open ours memorial day.too expensive to run if not being used

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Damn, nice and early. Pool looks clear after 24. Opening mine 1st week in May.

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I'm in CT, I opened up on the 4th.

The water looks inviting...but chilly.

59 degrees.

Just got a new filter and pump delivered yesterday and today. Installing them will be tomorrow's project.

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Central Jersey here. We open tomorrow! Hopefully we'll be jacuzziing by Sunday!!

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I can't wait to open, but just way too cold right now, and it does not seem like it will be warm enough any time in the immediate future.

This will be our first time opening the pool after winter, since it was built at the beginning of the season.

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We opened (in Southern NH) 2 weeks ago. It was the first time I opened myself, so I wanted time to work out any kinks for NH vacation week in case things warmed up (it didn't). We just cranked up the heat (Propane) on Thursday and it was warm and toasty by Friday.

Had two great swim days with friends on Saturday/Sunday (water stayed at about 84 with our heat pump while we were swimming) and the air fluctuated between 70 to 45 (by 8pm)...It was cold to get out...

We definitely opened too early, but enjoyed looking at the open pool, so it was worth it. Now that I know how easy it was to open my pool, next year I can wait until I see mid-70s in the weather before opening.

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All your pools look fabulous!! I'm looking forward to opening on May 20. I'm so tired of seeing that cover :)

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We always open first week in April.. I know its foolish, but I can't stand winter, and the pool looks awesome. My little nieces and nephews swam for the first time last week. I don't heat it till a few days before I expect swimmers. The oak seeds really come down fast an furious for a while, but I'm home so I can keep on top of them.

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Yep, the two weeks of pollen and catkin in my area are a pain. But the early opening is still worth it to me.

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