Building walkway with flat(tish) rocks

2ajsmamaMay 27, 2009

I haven't been able to find how to build a walkway out of large somewhat flat rocks we have left from excavating our foundation. I've been building stone walls under porch with the smaller ones, DH wants a walkway to the front porch with large ones he just started setting on the lawn (if you can call it that - lots of crabgrass and clover). His idea was to outline each rock (some of which have really lumpy undersides, not all the same thickness) and then dig out topsoil/fill to level each one. Also thought he could mow over them.

My thought was to get (metal? Plastic?) edging, cut the sod to lay the edging, probably dig out between, maybe landscape fabric (3ft x 25 ft?)? Then peastone like we have at end of our driveway, set the stepping stones in the peastone, digging out under or filling in under to get the stepping stones level? I thought this would be easier than digging out dirt to contours of each stepping stone, also keep the grass/weeds out so no mowing (we have mulched beds on the porch side of walkway, could dig a trench and plant more low plants/mulch on the lawn side too?).

Would setting the heavy (about 30-50 lb each) stepping stones in peastone rather than fill keep them in place better, or worse?

This picture is from last year when we started - I've finished stone wall, shrubs have grown, and I've got mulch in. I'm going to continue the small 6" high stone "wall" in front of the cypress so the garage end of porch here will have stone between the walkway (set on top of edging?) to separate it from the walkway (about where the yellow rope is). I'll try to take new pics today.


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I would suggest a base of sand rather than peagravel. The sand allowes the stones/rocks to be pressed down to be fairly level. Once set the stones will be more stable then sitting on gravel.

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Thanks - what about edging? I couldn't find any metal edging at HD today. Do you think we could stake down some landscape fabric, build the low stone walls (about 4-6") on the edges, then fill with the coarse sand?

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Newer pics (yesterday) - sorry for the shadows.

Closeup left side

Closeup right side (just starting stone wall in front of flowerbed - thinking of continuing it along lawn side of walkway, to hold landscape fabric down?)

Can anyone comment on the idea of just digging shallow area for walkway, lining with landscape fabric and holding edges down with low stone walls, filling with coarse sand or peastone, setting stepping stones (then filling spaces with peastone if sand under)?

Also any ideas for front of steps (don't know if I can get stone there with supports so close to edge)? I want to get the same white vinyl board used for kickboard under door, run that the length of deck so don't have to paint the pressure-treated all the time, should we use that for fronts of 2 steps too? Thanks

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