Any TV Sports Watchers?

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMarch 30, 2008

We've been watching Road to the Final Four even though our Gators bit the dust early on. They were awesome last year and will probably do better next year. For the pros, we watch the Orlando Magic and also like to watch the Chicago Bulls when we can...following Joakim Noah from last years Gators....he's a starter for the Bulls already! We would watch more of Miami Heat but their games are always blacked out on local stations.....not a way to keep any fans, IMO.

We don't watch much hockey unless someone tells us about something they want us to cheer on. For football, we're diehard Buc's fans (sure hope they do better this year) and also like to watch the Indy Colts. We like to watch Florida college teams play football, too. Can't get too interested in baseball or soccer....

Any teams you want me to cheer for?????

Can't wait for the olympics!


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We follow our local and college teams and then the Minnesota Twins and my husband the vikings. During any of the championships of any sports we are watching and especially love the Olympics. We have taken in two Olympics, one in LA and the other in Atlanta. That one was cut short by the bombing of centenntial park.

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Deanna, DH was there for the Atlanta bombing and it cut short his trip too. I didn't get to go BooHoo!!
Sharon, I used to go to as many Magic games as I could afford. DH watches all college sports and we both watch golf. I saw Tiger play in Orlando once, he is my dad's golf idol. Dad has never played golf and he never misses watching Tiger play!!He also loves the Atlanta Braves and we never could talk him into visiting us in CF to go to a game there.
Both DH and I LOVE the Little League baseball and we plan to make a trip to watch them. I watched a few major BB in Tampa but it really doesn't interest me either.
We are also big fans of the olympics, I am wondering what the drama will be in China with Tibet and if any of it will make TV.

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GO Lady VOLS! I think this is their 18th trip to the final 4 on their way to their 8th championship, all under Pat Summit!

I love college sports, especially our beloved football team, the University of Tennessee Volunteers. I have been following the Colts since Peyton Manning played here for the Univ. of TN. My husband is a diehard Steelers fan. My 12 yr old son is a TN Titans fan. So, it is pretty interesting on Sunday who is going to get to watch their game when they play at the same time.

We also watch NASCAR, but not a much as we used to. It's just not the same sport since Dale Earnhardt died.

The only time I was interested in Baseball was when my son played in little league.

We have a local hockey team, but never been to a game. Hockey in the south? Who's brainstorm was that? LOL!


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Weren't those championship and semi-finals great games. I didn't feel that the Vols played to their potential but they did what it took to win. I will miss watching Candace Parker play. I still can't believe that she is 6'5. She never looks tall-she looks like a 5'6" girl. Her face is so small on tv and she looks so young.

Now how will we spend our time? Deanna

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I wasn't able to watch the last of any of the college play-offs in the last week, so missed out. I'd watch the Timberwolves if I knew when they were playing and what station they were on....I try watching the Twins with my mom but really can't get into it. She keeps score of who does what, single, double, error....she has her graph all set up and writes down the players names. I really like watching the Bulls because of Joakim Noah.....I can't believe they lost to Miami!

Hockey in the south?? I don't know who's brainstorm it was but it sure was fun watching the Tampa Bay Lightning win the cup a few years ago. @:)


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OK...I'm trying to watch the Magic (Orlando) in the play-offs (they won today). Kind of difficult when I don't have a TV Guide to keep in front of me to remind me when the games are and folks here aren't big TV watchers....guess I'll pick one up the next time I'm at a store. Movies and games up the wazoo though....


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I used to go to the Magic games with my son. Now we watch A LOT of golf.
My Dad turns on the TV to any sports the minute he gets up and it stays on all day. I have been there visiting and he will leave in the car and we turned off the TV, he came back about 30 minutes later and wanted to know why we turned off the TV LOL.

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I'm a baseball fan and we have two pro teams here, the Giants and the Oakland A's. I get some of my best applique done in front of the TV set during baseball season.


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Some of my daughters college friends made the NFL draft kind of as free agents so that should be fun to watch to see how well they do.

We are Twins fans although when we go to see them play the Yankees at the end of May, our groups will be divided. Deanna

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Rosa, I had to chuckle at how your dad keeps the TV on a sports channel all day....whether he's there or not! lol

Linda, You've probably read how my mom is a baseball fan. Wherever she happens to be living at the time, that's the team she keeps track of. Writes down all their names, what they do during a game and could tell me all about them....then she refers back to the previous games to see what they did then. She's a riot!

Deanna, We enjoyed watching the NBA draft last year when the starting lineup of the Gators were there. It's really fun when you have a connection to the players.


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