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grammypMarch 25, 2007

OK folks, time for another challenge. So far we have increased our activity by getting 30 minutes of additional movement daily. We have calculated our BMR so we know how many calories we actually burn just being alive. We have lowered our calorie intake by 500/day to lose 1 pound a week. We have given up one of our favorite "guilt foods" and replaced it with water. Now that spring is here we need to increase our activity even more. Get outside as soon as you can and do something (rake leaves, plant flowers, pick up limbs, walk around the block, hike in the woods, something) to increase your activity. Increase your time of extra movement or at least intensify it. Also, sit down to eat everything. No more snacking as you walk around the house or do other things. Make a concious effort to sit down and relax to eat and enjoy every bite instead of just popping it in your mouth and swallowing. I think you will find you eat much less because you will want to finish up something before you snack. If you are working outside, be sure to drink lots water so you don't get dehydrated, you can dehydrate even if the weather is not terribly hot.

Have a wonderful week and keep us posted.



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You go, Beverly!!!!! Only 10 more pounds to go!!!!

DGD from Indiana is coming for a week long visit on Wednesday, so I'll be getting more exercise! She's a lively one (along with her brothers) and skinny as a rail. We were thinking the hospital gave DD the wrong baby til we saw an early pic of my MIL......looks just like her! There's nothing 'round' anywhere!

I think we'll plant some flowers in the big urn this week......plus, there's a nature walk we haven't been to yet so that's a big possibility, too.'

Everyone have a great week!!!

SharonG/FL [

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A nature walk sounds great. Good for everyone. Enjoy your visit.


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Huh?.....the ticker tape changes automatically everywhere it's posted???? I just went in this morning to change it to another pound lost and it shows up on my previous post.....hmmmmmmm. I thought I was at 19....anyway, I'm down 20# and 20 to go.......


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Sharon and Beverly,
I'm jealous. You two are doing so good. My wieght loss is stuck at 2 lbs. I admit I'm not being too good about exercise though my diet is under control. You are an inspiration!

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Vasu, If you're sticking to a weight-loss food plan, you should eventually see a loss. I'm not taking this at a speed breaking pace, but as long as it's coming off, and staying off, I'm happy. The doc scared me with diabetes, so I had to look at this as a life threatening thing and do something about it.

I probably won't get as much exercise this week as I did last week as DGD has gone home.....


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Are you ladies still doing this?

I'd love to join. I don't have a LOT of weight to lose (just seems that way when I think about it), but keep having injuries from not moving enough. I scared myself today thinking that if I'm getting injured so easily in my early 40s, will I even be able to hold future grandchildren in 20-30 years?


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if you start this up again I would join....need to loose 15lbs by Sept 20 when I see my rhumatoligist or she will be scolding me.

I really don't know anything about what your routine was before.

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Count me in...I'd love to drop about 20 pounds before my next birthday (2 weeks) but I know that's not possible, so maybe by Christmas????? My heart doc would be so thrilled.....

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Welcome Dorothy. Make your doc very happy. It is best to start slow, so just try getting 30 minutes of extra movement daily. You can walk around the block or mall, jog, jump rope, climb stairs, bike, whatever you have time for, just move.


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