Ideas for small porch?

suziequeMay 10, 2009

Hi - The side entry to my house is in dire need of replacing. I'm 'design challenged' so am asking for ideas. Please note that my house is very old (1850-ish) and I don't want anything elaborate or fancy. I'm not at all opposed to taking up the ugly bricks that it sits on and making something more 'natural' in the area of plantings, etc.

I won't use this 'porch' or side steps for anything other than entering the house; that's not the side of the house where I sit outside. The picture doesn't show too well, but there are about 6 feet between the bottom step and the bumpout of the house in front of it (the steps can't be seen in the photo).

Anyone any good with Photoshop that can perhaps give me some ideas?

Many thanks -


Here is a link that might be useful:

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