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grammypMarch 19, 2007

I am so sorry about missing a week, but things have been busy. DGS had his orthopedic appointment, they said it definately was broken and cast his arm. A CAT scan is scheduled for today to check on the growth plate. Very diffrent from the 2 drs who said it didn't look broken and the 2 radiologists who said they thought they might see a shadow which indicated it may possibly be broken. Depending on the outcome of the scan, the cast will come off Wed. Please keep him in your prayers.


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Beverly, Don't feel bad....kids will be kids and you can only go by what the doc's say when you take them in for x-rays.

My DGS3 had 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Three were impacted....they had him leave by the back door in a wheelchair as he apparently wasn't a pretty sight! Please keep him in your prayers.

DD2 has taken in 3 foster siblings that were being abused. The 2 youngest don't speak English......she's teaching them a few words and she's learning a little Spanish. They now know cookie, spoon, fork and she knows bathroom. There was a meeting yesterday, so I need to get with her sometime today and see how that turned out.


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Let me hear how the meeting went. I'm sure she has her hands full. I remember how I looked after having my wisdom teeth removed, it wasn't a pretty site! I will keep them all in my prayers.


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