Need some suggestions please! New build..

ehdptApril 17, 2012

Hey guys I am very concerned and so far my PB has been very confusing at explaining what is going on. When the hole was first dug they ran into water at about 4.5 ft. The deep end depth was set to be 6ft. When the guys who did the steel framing came out the water depth was about 10 inches due to seepage. The gunite company came out and tried to control the water with a water pump but was not able to. They then said they needed to do a water control by pouring heavy wet mix cement first to plug the seepage and then come in with the gunite mix. They came out yesterday and poured the heavy wet mix cement on the deep end and then shot the gunite unfortunately they were not able to control the water and shot the gunite with water still in the deep end . The end result is that there are 3 weepers as they termed it in the deep end. The cement in the deep end is totally uneven and the depth is totally off by 5 inches. Could someone please orient me to what is going on here I feel as though the PB is not being honest with me. Poll is 15x30 rectangular by the way.

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Have you posted this on TFP site? Many knowledgeable users on that site as well...

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Hi, we are a pool builder in Long Island, NY and we deal with what we call in the business water conditions on a regular basis. What part of the US are you located? Maybe we can give you some insight.

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Thank you NYgunitepool I am located in south florida. If pictures would help I can send some via email. I would truly appreciate any insight you can offer me. This has been very confusing thus far.

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I'm in central Florida and my PB pumped water for days and days to keep it dry. About the same depth for us.
After the shotcrete hardened, they let the water back in, but then pumped for a couple of days before the PebbleTec.
The sound of that pump going on and on for days was making me crazy.
If you're not getting the pool depth you wanted, you need to stop right now and get the answers. Something sounds really wrong that your PB isn't on top of this.

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