3-25 Prayer requests

grammypMarch 25, 2007

I know we have several continuing prayer requests including Melissa and Kit's health, Glassquilt's family, Lisa's expected DGD and new business, and Sharon's grandson. I know there are many more out there, please feel free to post them here and we will include you in our prayers.


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I received word today that my nephew became violently ill and was rushed to the hospital on Saturday with a glucose level of 700. He was just diagnosed as being diabetic last week. The last I knew, they have it down to 380....I really am not familiar with numbers for diabetics, but I'm guessing this still is not good as he's still in the hospital. Please keep him in prayer.....his name is Joel.


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Wow, I do hope they get it under control. When you are first diagnosed it takes a lot of adjusting of medication and diet to get things straightened out. I will keep him in my prayers.


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My nephew is home, feeling much better and learning how to deal with diabetes. He's on 3 kinds of meds and is working/hoping to get to the point, eventually, where he won't need insulin and maybe no meds at all. Thank you everyone for all your prayers.

Update on my DD2 who has the foster children: The 2 youngest went home.....although they didn't want to. There were no physical marks of abuse and not enough info to keep them out of the home. From what the older girl says (which DD still has), DD feels there's something going on. She started taking down all the post-it notes she has in spanish stuck everywhere and her DH said to leave them for now......apparently, they all became very attached.

Update on grandson: DD3 talked to me last night....at length, telling me she can't believe all the people who are helping and going over and beyond the norm for him. He is still in need of much prayer, but I wanted everyone to know how much your prayers are helping and how very much they are appreciated. I told DD3 that I had my quilting forum's prayer group praying for him.....and she teared up.


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