Flooring for an Unheated Enclosed Porch in Maine

clagaMay 25, 2012


We purchased a 6 month seasonal home May 1st to October 31st; 1 miles from the ocean in Maine. The 10' x 12' enclosed porch has a 5/4 pressure treated deck floor with approximately 1/8" to 1/4" spacing between the boards over a concrete floor crawl space.

We want to cover the floor to keep out the bugs and make it a place for additional sleeping/family room.

We like the laminate wood look, but are not sure if it can take the temperature ranges, summer to winter.

Really don't like the indoor/outdoor carpet look.

Looking for recommendations. And suggestions on how to put the floor down. Does it need a vapor barrier, etc.?


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I have a similar situation but am building on a an outdoor deck frame in Kingston, Ontario.
Laminate is out because of humidity and freezing.
Vinyl tile shrinks (permanently) when if freezes.
Could do slate, but am worried about the weight.
I like cedar but I don't want space between the boards which is required for expansion.

So I am ending up with a remaining option of "plastic" wood. This product looks interesting, but I haven't priced it yet: http://www.trex.com/plan/products/porch/trex-transcend-porch/index.htm

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Hardy board attached with 2.5" screws to the joists thru the decking, ceramic tile.As long as the tile is not exposed to the elements (freezing and thawing of water)you should be ok.
Go to a tile supply house(not a box store) and let them know you situation, they will set you up with the right materials.

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