Bee, Breezygirl, Mamapaige and all--diameter of recessed lights

alexxMarch 1, 2013

Time to pick the lighting. For your recessed lights, did you put in 4 or 6 inch lights? What kind and how do you like them? LED or fluorescent is required in California where I live. Thanks!

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mine are 6"--but not by my choosing. That's what the builder's electrician uses....I begged him to switch to 5". He only did so upstairs on my gallery wall. Last house we did 5".

Don't know the brand--imagine something cheap with a white interior. The key thing to remember is to get lights with short necks so you don't see the bulb. Yep, the standard here was the long necks--I'm changing them all over to the short necks.

As far as I know the LED recessed lights are really improving and a lot of people like them. Hopefully people will pop in with their feedback.

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I think for GU24 LED (GU24 is required in CA), your choices are 4" or 6". IMO, Cree CR4 or CR6 are the best choice. Be aware the CR4 only comes in 575 lumens; the CR6 has both 575 lumen and 800 lumen versions.

Something people don't usually think about: it can be impossible to position recessed lights exactly where you want them, because ceiling joists are in the way. The center of a 4" can can be placed 1" closer to a joist than a 6" can, thus improving your chances of getting the ideal placement.

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I am in NorCal and we just wrapping up our major rebuild where we did LED cans all over. If you are doing completely new, you can get the whole box as LED cans. I have dimmable warm white LEDs all over in multiple sizes. 6", 5", 4" and also 2" in some small areas.

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Mine are 5" but I have two 4" over the sink.

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Mine are 6in. But got a clearance deal at HD for sloped ic cans. I think 24 each. LEDs on dimmers. Got the bulbs from online source Pegasus lightin

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Yes, the kitchen is down to studs so we can put anything in. I'm just concerned that the 6" are so big but want to make sure that it will be enough light with 4's. It is an 8 or 8.5 foot ceiling so not very tall. Ah choices.

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Alexxif you are in NorCal, I suggest going to a specialist lighting store like wright lighting in San Jose. They can show you everything and there are options like cans that are inset deeper etc.

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Halo 5" for primary lighting and 4" Halo for gallery lighting.

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Be sure to look at the lumens on the bulbs you're going to put in. I love my 4" Ecosmart (AKA Cree at Home Depot) GU24s, and they have the same lumens as the 6" of the same brand. I also have some 3" wall wash LEDs that I think look great, and are also rather bright. Everything's on dimmers, which I would recommend.

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I installed six 6" recessed lights in my kitchen using the Reveal 900 Watt Halogen Bulbs and white trim. I also installed one 6" Halogen Bulb over my sink and two halogen lights in my range hood over my stove. I love the warm 2900K color that is not too yellow but they get so hot. I plan to change them over to LED when I do my home office ceiling after my busy tax season.

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4" cans placed every 4-5 feet with the EcoSmart LEDs is what I put in my kitchen. Enough light! Love them!

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I also used the Eco smart LEDs. I did mostly 6, with 4 over cooktop & I pantries. I was going to do 4, but was worried it wouldn't be bright enough I my kitchen with no windows. They are very bright, and I'm happy. It's lit up like Fenway Park!

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Fouramblues, do you remember what type of housing you got to go with your gu24 Eco smarts?

Boops2012, do yours dim well?

We put in 4" kits from DMF from a local lighting store in the Bay Area but don't love them because they don't dim very well (although at least they are 800 lumens, which is nice).

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amandasplit, in my research I heard some good things about Nora lighting on the lighting forum. I know nothing about lighting, so latched onto Nora and got all our housings from there (5 different kinds). For the 4" GU24s we used housing NHRIC-4G24AT with Skylark dimmer SLV-603P.

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Thanks for posting. I too am in Northern California and am facing the same issue.

To further complicate, our ceiling is sloped so I am looking for LED recessed lights with adjustable lights. Not all the companies have them in all sizes.

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I have 6 4" ones in my kitchen, but also have an island fixture -- all from a 10 foot ceiling. The rest of my house has 6" that have now been replaced with the Cree LED kits (the 4" too). I'd need the island light with the 4" or the 6" cans.

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I put in 5 inch cans and wish I had used 4 or 6 inch cans as not as many choices with the 5 inch except bulbs.
Fortunately DH liked the Cooper 3k kit as the Cree didn't fit - oops.

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