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K8OrlandoMarch 1, 2012

No one has posted a Keep On Keeping On page for a long, long time. I wasn't a very active participant in it but I always read it! I could use some inspiration right now, having put on 12 pounds since my knee surgery last May. I NEED to get this weight off, and several more pounds after those 12. I've done WW and know the drill, but haven't been able to convince myself to actually start working the plan again. Today I'm going to start writing down everything I eat: "If you bite it, write it!" Maybe that will help me get back on track.


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I hear ya, Kate!

Been looking into neck. left shoulder pain. Its been "arthritis" conclusion...after all the tests! BUT, the "rest" and "don't do any exercise that may injury it further" business has just added weight to my frame too. I am just not doing the choc in the afternoon thing, but the grain bread and bagels are adding up! lol I let my taste buds rule too much.
Thanks for listening...Gwen

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Kate, It's understandable with the kind of surgery you had that you were limited from what you normally do. If I remember correctly, you were quite active before your surgery, so I think when you get back to those activities, those pounds will roll away.

Gwen, I have problems with exercising, too. I'm still pretty limber and I contribute that to the fact I've always put the things I use most often in the lowest drawer so I have to bend over to get them....dish towels in the kitchen, underwear in the bedroom, etc. Knees and hips will probably need replacing eventually, but staying away from stairs has helped abundantly!

I think I'd probably lose 10 pounds if I would stop eating after 7pm and just have tea! I'm going to try and limit diet sodas, too. Losing a bit every week and keeping it off would make me happy.


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I am a lot less active than I was. I sit at a desk for most of my job and I sit at either the computer or the sewing machine when I'm home. Truth is, I've become a slug!!! If it weren't for walking the dog every day I wouldn't get any exercise at all. I need to change that and increase my walking, at the very least.

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Kate, ow if we could just find a creative word for each letter of S L U G...we might get inspried...lol

Sharon, all good suggestions you've made...maybe Spring will pep me up some. LOL


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Another thing I've started to do......when waiting for the one minute for the micro to heat something, instead of just standing there wishing it was done, I'll swing my arms or walk in place.....or something besides just stand there!

Gwen, Step Lively U Girls ....lololol


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