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srercrcrMay 27, 2009

It's been about three years since I've visited here and about four years since I built my own 30 X 30 deck with gray Trex and white painted cedar. I thought I'd stop in and report how it's doing. No twists, no splinters, no spots, no sealing, no refinishing. It looks the same as the day I built it. After one year, I had some green algae trying to grow in a shady area, but washing it with some water/bleach/soap cleaned it right up. Since you shouldn't pressure wash it (too soft) I sprayed the solution on and mopped it a few strokes and hosed off. Like new. We have alot of wildlife here so we get gifts from birds and insects... with rain and just time they go away. I don't think I have any permanent stains at all. I tested a scrap piece of Trex with cranberry juice and it left a residue so we know enough not to test its' limits. I also don't recommend it with little youngsters around, theyre a little rough on things.

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I think trex/composites reliability is dependent on geographical location. While it's holding up great in your area, other parts of the country are having issues;lawsuits,etc.

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We're using it on our build because #1, it was the boss's orders. If it didn't work in our area I would have gone against her wants, but research by talking to many others who went composite in our area showed no problems with it. In areas that are wet, no go for mold reasons, and here in the mojave desert I wouldn't recommend it because of splintering due to the dryness. Im a wood guy, but since it's fine for our area and what the boss wanted, Im fine with it. I do have to admit I like working with it. It cuts and routs easy and smooth, but imo, there's nothing like the real deal of an all wood deck. A tad more maintenance, but no biggie, again, imo.

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I haven't met a wood deck builder yet with good things to say about composites. Gee, do you think it might have something to do with no return calls for sealing and refurbishing? I encourage prospective composite customers to talk to owners of composite decks to get an unbiased appraisal.

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I am so interested in your post. We live in southeast Idaho and are about to build a 16 x 18 deck and would love to use Trex. What area are you in? We are not super super dry here and don't have the moisture problem so we are wondering if it might work here. We are older and my hubby is disabled and not able to do the maintenance on a wood deck so the lack of maintenance sounds really nice for us. It would be interesting for people who have used to Trex to post and let us know the age of their deck and where they live. Thanks for posting.

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I'm in S Texas, hot and humid half the year. I don't see temperature or humidity being an issue. Go look at a's a molded solid with impregnated tiny fibres of wood for some reason. Since its a solid it isn't going to splinter. I guess if it were a poor product it could crack, but hopefully theyve done their homework, or at least considered the properties of recycled #2 material. I've been down to 25 degrees but that doesn't give you much confidence. I was 59 and built my deck myself. The long Trex "boards" are kinda heavy, especially the 16 ft ones, but I just lifted one end and dragged them. We love our deck and our lifestyle revolves around it.

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