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grammypFebruary 19, 2007

OK everyone. By now we should know our BMR, just how many extra calories we burn and how many we eat. We should also be getting our 30 minutes of movement daily. As the weather improves we will have to move up to 60 minutes a day, but with yard work, that should be easy. This week we need to work on giving up that one "trigger" food that we just can't resist and replace it with a glass of water. We will be needing that extra water when we start working outside again.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yard work? I can remember my Granny in Alabama sweeping her yard. I could probably do the same thing. lol

I was afraid after being gone for 2 weeks that I wouldn't have lost any weight, but, I did! I tried to stay on track, but the last 4/5 days were stressful for me...and, therefore, I felt like I needed comfort (my sis brought home Girl Scout cookies - bless her heart!)...but I didn't go overboard....loved those lemon cookies! Got home yesterday, weighed in today....down 4 pounds! I couldn't believe it...got off the scales, got back on again...same thing.

I need to be extra good for the next few days....heading down to see my aunt and uncle on Thursday for a few days and there's a special seafood restaurant we always go to. Also, plan to get to a quilt show while we're there. *smile*

SharonG/FL [

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Way to go Sharon! Perhaps it is all that shivering in the cold. I'm sorry you have been under stress, but look at the bright side, you got to meet Kit. I know you will be glad to get home and even if you can't/don't work in the yard, you can get out and walk around in it.


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We got in a bike ride today, first one in several weeks. Sure is nicer than spin class. Also had my first fall today. We were stopping and DH's right shoe got stuck in the clip and down I went. Kind of bruised (landed on right hip and shoulder) but not bad, we were stopping so it was not too hard a fall. Tomorrow is weigh day, I'll let you know.


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