2-19 Blessings/thanksgivings

grammypFebruary 19, 2007

DH and I got to actually have a date Saturday!! It was so nice to be able to get out together. We had nothing we needed to do, just skipped town and then went to dinner. I recommend it to everyone.


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Yeah for dates! It's been so long since DH and I could have one!LOL Our last date his mom ended in the hospital, so we have decided it's bad karma to plan a date! hehe
I am truly blessed to have the friendships that I have..either "real" or the many online friends I have. I also am feeling blessed to have a wonderful DH and family, and a relatively easy going life. We aren't rich, but what we lack in money, we make up for in love and fellowship.
We have alot of elderly in our close family, and my brother's family, and also feel thankful with each day we all are alive!
Thank you

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I'm thankful I was able to spend some time with my mom, but I'm also sooooo thankful to be home. Be it ever so humble......

Lisa, We aren't monetarily rich either, but when we consider the things we have that money cannot buy, we're very, very content with what we have and feel blessed.

Beverly, Right now, I feel like I'm a date with my DH!! Hadn't seen him for 2 weeks! We kissed and hugged and hugged and hugged and held hands forever right there in the airport! Let's hear it for the good DH's that put up with us and our hobbies!!!!


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My husband just found out that he was accepted into a PhD program! He has been working so hard for this and I'm so proud of him. It looks like it's a good week for husbands, DH and I will go out and celebrate next week when we both have a day off.

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Congratulations Mary, that is wonderful. Enjoy your date and get ready for lots of studying.


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This week an old family secret was revealed to me and finally my childhood pieces are all put together. I'm so thankful that the Lord has been working on my heart so much these past 3 years that as these secrets are forthcoming there isn't the drama and hurt that could arise. Now, instead of being angry or self-rightous toward my mother I can offer comfort and forgiveness and hope for a restoring of our special bond, something I thought was lost. I am so thankful that I haven't waited until it's too late.


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