Can you identify this pot?

gidgetgirlyMarch 8, 2013

Hi, does anyone know what brand this pot is? The pot, not the pot filler. It's so pretty! I posted in the cookware forum as well, hoping someone out there will recognize it! Thanks so much for any help!

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Culinary Institute of America's pots. They are attractive, aren't they.

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Loos similar to the All-Clad pasta pentola, but I think theirs is straighter where the sides of the insert and pot come together.

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35ftcabo, thank you SO much!! I've been searching the Internet to no avail and it was driving me crazy! Yes, so attractive. I'm loving the pot filler and tile in the pic as well, what a great photo!

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Lascatx, yes the All Clad does look similar. I'm looking to purchase new cookware in the future. I'd like to find good quality, but I also want it to look good. I'm currently using Belgique, I'd like to move up in quality. Just started looking and researching, so many choices!

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The pot in that photo is definitely not All-Clad. The part where the handles meet the rest of the pot is all wrong.

I'm not sure I'd buy a pot solely on looks. Find a quality brand in your budget and buy that. Pretty much all stainless steel cookware looks the same anyway. Plus are you really going to use the pot as a display piece?

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As a counterpoint to realism's post. I totally would buy this pot on looks alone. It's for boiling water, that's not a technically challenging task where the best pot wins. Who cares if it's a display piece? YOU will be looking at it and YOU will have the pleasure of using a pretty thing twice a week. I like it too.

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I bought some CIA vessels (not that big) but do love them - They were on sale and just the sizes I needed.
They sure are pretty but work great as well.
They work on induction as well as other surfaces.
Have fun hunting -I bought mine at the Compleat Baldwin Brass Shop in West Reading (yes that is the correct spelling)- not sure if they have the size but all were on special. And if you spend enough (not sure how much), shipping is free.
Let us know if you splurge and where you found it!

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As a counterpoint to ellaf's counterpoint, buying on looks ALONE might not be the best idea. What if the pot costs more than gidgetgirly wants to spend? As you mention its only for boiling water, so is it worth spending a lot of money on something just for looks rather than performance? Conversely what if the pot is super cheap and fall apart? Is it worth wasting your money on a product that will have to be replaced in a short amount of time just because it looks pretty.

All I was saying is that buying solely on looks is probably not the smartest route. It is likely that the pot is not going to be left out on the stovetop as a display piece. Is it worth making a decision based on the look of a pot that will be used 20 minutes a week? Is it going to bring you all that much joy?

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Check out the Calphalon Tri-ply stockpot. It has good quality and good looks, and you can boil water for under $100. I don't think you need to spend for All-Clad for a stockpot. Their saucepans are great too.

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I just want to mention, setting aside what manufacturer the pot is, that I used to have one of those stock pots with pasta inserts. I ended up selling it on eBay, and was glad to be rid of it. I found the pasta insert to be cumbersome to handle, it dripped everywhere when I was trying to drain it and carry it over to my pasta serving dish, and was really a PITA to clean the starch out of all the holes (the starch really clung to those holes). Storage was difficult due to the height of the combo pot. Most of the time I ended up just using my stockpot (a Tramontina Triply, similar to the Calphalon that May_flowers mentioned), and poured the pasta water through my colander in the sink. That's why I sold the combo pot on eBay. Just thought I'd give my $.02!

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I have to admit, when I read this thread title, my first thought was "Did someone find some stray marijuana?"

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They're all cool looking pots, but I don't see the need to have a built-in colander so you can lift the pasta out of the water. You either drip your way to a sink or dish, or you gotta carry the pot over anyway. Does the colander part go as deep as the rest of the pot? If not, you're losing some pasta cooking space.

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But it makes a great vessel for a winter "lobster" bake.
Load up the corn, potatoes, seaweed/spinach/chard some clams, shrimp, and lobster and steam away !

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An 8-quart Tramontina tri-ply version of that pot ($80. incl pasta insert) is my water bath canner -- I only do small batches, 4 or 5 half-pints at a time. The pasta insert is great as a canning rack.

I've also used it to steam large items.

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When I used it for making stock (before I got a pressure cooker), the pasta insert was great for lifting out the solid items at the end of cooking.

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I looked on the CIA website and the did not show a vessel with an insert.

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It is a Cuisinartî Chef's Classic⢠Stainless Steel 4-Piece 12-Quart Pasta and Steamer Set. 79.95 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I don't know about the pasta part, but it is a darned good steamer, if you like steamed veggies. Oh, and it looks good while doing it!

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It looks like a set of CIA pieces:

and set including 8 quart stockpot

Here is a link that might be useful: I think it's a CIA set

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