Need Backsplash Ideas - chocolate cabs, dark green granite

jenswrensMarch 5, 2013

I need some backsplash ideas for my non-TKO friend who is currently remodeling her kitchen.

Here are her new cabinets and a picture of her granite slab. When I tried to pin her down on what she wants (modern, traditional, dark, light, bold), she looked all confused like I had three heads and said, "just something that goes."

She doesn't want it to be too busy. She thought about just using all granite for the backsplash. What do you think? Or should she find a tile? A pattern? I'm thinking something in a glass tile or a slate.

She is definitely not someone who likes anything fru fru or delicate. Her house style is rather eclectic, leaning a bit toward rustic-contemporary.

The wall color may change to a different green (agave?) but I can't pin her down on that either. I'll let you know when she answers me. What do you think about the walls?

All ideas are appreciated!

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I would think a matte subway tile in a soft taupe/brown would be nice with the cabs and that granite . It looks to have some taupe brown in it? What is the floor?

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Wow, that's a nice stone! I'd look at something with Ming green marble in it. This one might look really nice, it's not too busy, but a little different.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ming green mosaic

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That is a gorgeous granite! In her case, since it appears she doesn't have a whole lot of square footage in her backsplash, I would actually consider doing the backsplash in granite too! I think it would give that kitchen a super WOW factor!

What is her flooring?

I would like to see a change (something lighter) in her paint colour.

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I wouldn't put granite on the backsplash even though it appears to be a small area. I think it would be too dark given the dark cabinet color and darker counter. A lighter backsplash tile would be best. Maybe something that would pick up on the lighter beige vein running through the granite.

I'm not sure about the wall color. The green doesn't appear to go with the green in the granite. It could be the lighting affecting that though.

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I bet a light plain tile with green onyx accents would look nice too.

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The floor right now is a natural (light) oak. Not sure if she's going to change that (I'd like to see it darker).

I agree about the walls not complementing the granite well.

I want the backsplash to pick up on that purplish color in the granite somehow, yet not be too dark.

Love that fancy marble tile! She said no marble b/c she doesn't want any stains/etching.

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Wow that is a gorgeous stone. I think her kitchen would look lovely with a soft green glass tile, something like a matte vetro glass tile.

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Is that stone rain forest green? If so it needs a very simple backsplash. There's lots of color and movement and as it's been said here many times, there can only be one star.

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that is pretty! it looks kind of like sixtyohno's counters. she did a light green glass tile that looked really good.

edit: oh, i just noticed that sixtyohno replied to your post right above mine. just want to reiterate that sixtyohno's kitchen is fab!

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Wolfgang White Stilato tile from Artistic Tile

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This kitchen reminds me a bit of itsnotrocketscience's kitchen. Maybe search through his threads for his backsplash decision process.

I like remodlefla's idea, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maybe some inspiration here?

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Here are some combinations that might work. Paint colors are Farrow and Ball but can be matched in other paints.

Green Ground

glossy and iridescent glass rounds

Stone White

2"x 2" translucent green glass

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I believe the backsplash needs to bring light into an otherwise dark palette. Consider going splashy with an iridescent glass tile in the color "Cane" from Oceanside's Haiku collection. It comes in 5" x 5" squares or 5" x 2.5" subway style. Unfortunately, none of their light colors come in any of their larger field tiles in any of their collections.

Here is a link that might be useful: click on products, collections, Haiku, and field tiles

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This is where Oceanside sells odd lots online. They have 217 tiles in Cane Iridescent in a 3 x 6 tile. It is in a different shape, called "lune" (probably because its profile resembles a crescent moon). The center of each tile pillows out from the wall, making a ridged pattern. These tiles are half price, $1.49 each. Since they are not even offered in a 3 x 6 size, they must have been a special order.

They also have 125 of 3 x 9 flat cane iridescent tiles for $3.49 each (reg $8).

If you like tiny half-inch mosaics, they have 45 sheets of a color called "canary" that looks a golden pearl color for $19.99 per 12.75" sheet.

There are sheets of Cane in 1 x 1 mosaics in iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte for $17.99 sq ft, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: click on glass field at top and filter

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I saw this picture this morning and thought of your post because the colors are similar. Personally, I do not like the backsplash they have chosen as I think it looks too busy, but clearly Houzz liked it. Maybe you can show it to your friend and it will help clarify what she likes or doesn't like.

Traditional Kitchen design by New York Architect Fivecat Studio : Architecture

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I would not do granite on the backsplash, it is too dark with such dark cabs. I love the way a backsplash accents the granite and showcases it and adds more interest overall.

I would not like purple either unless it was incorporated in a multi colored splash and barely, barely there.

Loving how the sparkle that the glass tile, the ming green and the iridescent tiles suggested are giving the kitchen. A color scheme like this one can get depressing and just IMO it needs a little spark to avoid that. If you can take a piece of that gorgeous granite with you to the tile showroom and have fun! There are so many beautiful ones. Good luck!

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How about a patinated copper? Have you seen Andrea345's kitchen in The Finished Kitchens Blog?

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar stone+copper

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Your friend might get some ideas from searching on Houzz for "green granite". While not all will be the same exact granite she has, there will be enough similarity to get some ideas.

Her granite is lovely, and my favorite color!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Green granite on Houzz

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I like the tile that remodelfla posted. I think it would both complement the granite and provide some light.

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I have to agree that dark colors will be too much. The granite is really beautiful but very strong, have to be careful!

Definitely no purple or strong blue or green. A pale, light-reflecting blue or green(like the ones EAM posted above) should work, especially in a glass tile; but my strongest preference would be a simple tile in a shade that picks up the creamy veining. That would make both the counters and cabinets the stars.

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Jens - love that counter.
My friend who has a green counter used Motawi tile - which is quite expensive - but go to page 47 of the catalog to see what she did - they highlighted her hood and backsplash area in the catalog
It might give you some ideas

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