Leathered granite- any problems rolling out dough?

kam76March 6, 2013

Just wondering if anyone that has leathered granite has noticed any problems with rolling out dough (pie dough/biscuits etc) because it is not a completely flat surface. Also any issues with cleaning, crumbs sticking etc. I'd love to see pictures of your leathered granite as my supplier only had one to look at and I am not sure it is an accurate representation

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No problem with rolling out dough at all. Here's the only problem - if you have a light granite it's sometimes hard to see for cleaning purposes. But it's not because the dough is stuck in deep craters - it's only because it's the same color!

Have you tried running your hand across the leathered surface? Mine is smooth as a baby's bottom.

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Here is a super close-up of my leathered cambrian black... you can see that, although there are "dimples", it's perfectly smooth (i.e., no rough spots for things to get caught in.) As jerzeegirl says, it's just like a baby's bottom: dimpled, but smooth.

Since mine was black, it didn't hide dough. The only way that the dimples ever affected me was if I was writing on a single sheet of paper on the counter, then the writing was a bit wobbly looking, so I always had something under whatever I was writing on. (But I would do this with a polished granite too, because I like the paper to be a bit "softer" when I write.)

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Thanks for the info ladies! Jerzeegirl what kind of granite is yours? Both are beautiful.

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Mine is Typhoon Bordeaux light.

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