Vinyl plank floor: Do you like yours?

Totally.CluelessApril 10, 2014

Ok. I reaaaally want new flooring. My dog just barfed up I don't even know what. I don't want to know. All I know is my area rug is going to have to be hosed down outside and the carpet is probably permanently stained.

Perhaps I should worry less about what the children will do to my floor and more about the dog. :/

I've looked into the vinyl plank floors since it was suggested yesterday. It looks like a good option for our neighborhood. I've looked at Allure and Adura. Plus I decided dog barf may not go over well on laminate and I have a super barfy dog. Oh joy.

Are there any other nicer options for the vinyl plank floors? Can anyone show me more photos?

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I have the allure and it needs replaced in my high traffic area. Its been down about 4 years now and there is white showing threw where the top pattern is wearing off. The planks are also coming up in some areas. On the plus side in the less used rooms its wearing well and its a beatiful floor. If it wore better I wouldn,t hesitate to but it in the whole house.

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Oh no. This is something I will have to consider. The floor would be in the living room, kitchen, guest bath, our bedroom and bathroom.

The dog's favorite place to barf is the living room, right on the edge of the area rug. She likes to make sure it's the most inconvenient place possible. :)

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there was a prior discussion regarding Adura, on which you can see my photos.
I have it in my kitchen, a half bath and in my small entrance way. I love it. mine is glued down. I can't comment on the floating version. there are several negative posts on the discussion that seem like spam.

Here is a link that might be useful: adura

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All floors will wear, but only real wood can be scratched to the point where bare wood shows thru, also leaving a gash that may need filling in. I've had first hand experience.

Seeing the Adura floors in a model home has made my decision if I ever want 'wood' in another home. DD/DH will be building when their home sells, and they're also considering the Adura.

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But that's also a plus to real wood - it can be repaired and refinished. We've lived in our house almost 17 years and the wood floors still look great. Granted, we do not have children and our little 10 lb. pup does not do much damage!

I love wood floors and don't think I will ever go with anything else. I will say that I have never seen the vinyl floors up close, they do not seem to be used much in my area. I don't know anyone that has them and have not seen or heard of them in local model homes, home shows, etc.


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We are doing an LVT wood look a like flooring, it is Capital Flooring's brand. It seemed indestructible when we got a sample. I hope it is. We have kids and dogs and live in a muddy place where we get tons of dirt/rocks tracked in. It should be installed in the next month or so.

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Chiming in again.

We have three parrots; two are macaws, so they are big birds. All three have supervised time out of their cages, and obviously, they do make messes. Not just poop (which is considerably less than most people think), but they like to throw food, shed down feathers, etc. Our Boston Terrier also has a somewhat sensitive stomach and does upchuck sometimes.

Our vinyl floors have been wiped, mopped, you name it, and still look great. One swipe with a sturdy paper towels gets most messes up. Our home is open concept, so we have them in the living area, dining area, kitchen area, and both hallways.

I think a lot depends on the quality of flooring you choose. Our builder says he is recommending the vinyl plank for anyone who wants a wood look, but for whatever reason, does not want wood.

Just my two coppers.

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Tina, thev've not been used because the better ones are fairly new, and like myself, was unaware of them until I saw them in a the model home. I can't recall seeing them advertised in mags, but could have been uninterested in a 'wood floor' ad, as I'm not in the market. Seeing vs not reading can be misleading.

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They were fairly new on the market when I put mine in so I am hoping they have fixed the problems with some of the planks not sticking and the color only being on the very top so wear areas show quickly. The upside of this type product is inexpensive , goes down easily without raising the floor height and its soft and warm underfoot. And best of all it really does look real. I put real hardwood in my last home and really don,t want to do that again until the kids are older.This type flooring is super easy upkeep

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We are researching vinyl plank as well. In all the reviews I've read, it seems there is a world of difference in the quality at different price points. Allure at $1.99 had some issues. I think there is an Allure Plus that is somewhere in the 3's that is better quality. You want to look at the thickness of the wear layer, not the overall thickness. At least 8 mil, and 12 mil or more is going to be very durable and last a long time. If you can afford it, a protective urethane layer or aluminum oxide layer is also great. Adura I believe has an aluminum oxide finish.
Good luck!

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We put LVP on the slab grade level flooring (wood not suggested due to moisture and flooding potential). Did a ton of research and landed on IVC Moduleo LVP. LOVE IT! Looks great,wears great(0.5 mm wear layer) but it's as expensive as real wood and cheaper than some other quality lVPs. For what it's worth we went with wood flooring on the upper levels which we also love.

They OEM for Carpet One if you have that store in your area.
Price is about the same though.

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I put Amtico vinyl planks in my kitchen, laundry room, and den and loved it. No problems in the seven years I had them. I moved, but really miss that floor. The dog's dirt from outside didn't show, and the floor was easy to clean. It was also soft underfoot. I have a light colored tile floor now that looks dirty the day after I mop it and is uncomfortable to stand on while cooking. The only downside to those vinyl plank floors was my dog slid on them when he got old, so I put rugs down for him.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I posted pics of ours on your other thread...ours are amtico too.

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