Deck Cleaner left on the surface overnight

ddiv100May 31, 2011

I know this is the dumbest thing anyone can do. I bought wolmans deckbrite deck cleaning solution and sprayed it on my deck. In the middle of my deck cleaning, I had unexpected guests and I had to take a break. But by the time I could go back to deck washing, it was dark and I couldn't see anything. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to clean/power wash the deck to clean the deck cleaner off of my deck. Leaving behind the reasons for this mishap , What is the best way to clean up the mess that I have created here. How to remedy the potential damage or negative effects?

I was planning on using Cabot's semi transparent stain after letting the deck dry out completely. what are the repercussions here?

Thanks in advance for your input.

P:S: This is new wood (one year old) and has never been stained. I am a first time home owner and have no experience in deck staining.

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