Concrete Coating for Deck

aggietexanApril 16, 2011

We currently have a SunDek coating on our pool deck and patio that we're looking to replace. I would rather not just recoat with the same material, since my husband and I haven't been happy with the durability or the look of the SunDek. The deck is 5 years old, and it looks 20. :(

I don't want to get into a huge construction project, so converting to stone is out. If we went with stone, we would have to replace our coping, which would also get us into having to replace 3-year-old tile. In addition, we have PebbleTec that was applied at the same time as the tile. It looks great and I don't want to risk messing it up!

I've found a product called "LimeCoat" or "CarveStone" that looks interesting. The pictures are fantastic, and the durability sounds great. It looks like it can be applied right over our existing deck and brick coping, then carved out to look like stone. The coating is hand applied instead of sprayed on, so it will cost quite a bit more than SunDek, but it sounds like it would hold up better. It would be worth it to me to pay more up front if I'm not going to have to fork over $2.5K+ every 4 or 5 years for resurfacing!

Bullion Coatings (who I trust) here in Houston is offering this product, so I've asked them for an estimate. There are a couple other companies I've found that are also installing the is LimeCoat and the other is Allied Outdoor Solutions.

Do any of you in the Houston area have any experience with this product in our climate? If so, how do you like it?

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I don't have experience with those, but we looked at both the spray coating and the concrete. I preferred the concrete because it looked more like stone, but get a sample and check it with wet feet. They add a fine sand to the sealer of what I saw, but with wet feet, it was still very slick -- like my indoor tile. We then looked at different options and had a couple of sample boards down to check colors. They had been sitting in the sun a while and I stepped on them with my bare feet. Both were hotter than the pea gravel DH doesn't love, and one color was a lot hotter than the other. I mainly wanted to suggest that you get a sample board of whatever you are considering and test it in both sun and when wet to make sure you will be happy with it.

The company that did my pool plaster and tile is Pool Works (713-466-3300) -- they have a sister company Deck Works. I was very pleased with the pool work and would expect the same on the deck work, but we decided not to do the deck, so I can't speak from experience there. Hope you get some other comments.

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I'm very interested to know what you've found out about the limecoat. You were kind enough to reply to my post several weeks ago about my pool re-model. We currently have pea gravel/aggregate decking and it's too rough and hot on the feet for us. Did you end up with the limecoat? Any help in this area would be so appreciated. Thanks! Shelley

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We ended up going with a new coat of SunDek. I thought the Lime Coat/Carve Stone was very attractive, however on the day when we were looking at the product (a sunny day in May), in about 10 minutes the sample boards got too hot to stand on without burning my feet!

We chose a darker color this time, and had them add speckles of three other colors for an aggregate look (hides dirt)! So far we're very happy with the appearance of the deck, and at least we can still walk on it in this terrible heat wave!

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