Is there a brick tile?

marti8aMay 28, 2009

I want to cover my front porch with something that looks like brick, but brick itself is too thick for the area. I have looked at tile, but can't find anything that really looks like brick.

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I know that Lowe's carries a tile that looks like brick but it may be too irregular in thickness to be safe to use on a porch floor.

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Check your local brick yard. I know there is a brick tile available from Marion Ceramics and it can be ordered from Glen-Gery Brick in this area. It is available in 1/2" and 15/16" thickness. (This is kind of a funny coincidence since I was just about to check the forums to see any discussion about this product. I am interested in doing the same thing for both of my small porches.) Good luck and keep us posted, as I will if I do proceed with this idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brick Tile Link

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Thank you both. I'll check at Lowe's the next time I'm there. That Marion brick tile looks interesting and is what I have been imagining.

zzeasy, does your porch step down to the sidewalk or is it one level? Mine is level and I was wondering if that 1/2" difference would be something to trip over.

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My front is porch and 1 step down, and from the step to the sidewalk is a bit of a high step as it is. Counter guy at Glen-Gery said that the 1/2" is intended to minimize the "trip factor", but with mine I'm probably looking at doing some elevation at sidewalk level. My back porch is 3 steps and a small porch but I don't have the same big first step so I'm probably going to do that one first just to see how it goes.

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Yes this is an interesting thread. I have been thinking about something for over my concrete back porch, regular pavers would be way too big as I have a door opening to the patio from my garage. And I also want at some point to extend the patio into the lawn and if these look anything like regular pavers that would be the ticket for me.

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