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cricket6670May 20, 2010

HELP!!! My wife and I are soon to close on a new (5-year old) home, which we chose because A.) it had everything we were looking for in terms of size and layout and B.) it has something of a unique look compared to the cookie-cutter McMansions in the newer subdevelopments.

That said, it is definitely a "Garage Mahal", with the garage front and center, lacking quite a bit in curb appeal.

Strangely, we were simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by the overall look of the home. It's like the builder just made up the design as he went along... It ALMOST reminds me of a colonial with the hip roof and square windows, but I'm a bit thrown by the tall, recessed entry and the one window (at top left) that juts out further than the rest. In addition, my wife hates the color.

Anyway, any improvements to the façade will probably be limited in terms of scope (i.e. changes to the existing roof-line would likely be cost prohibitive), so I'm seeking design ideas for paint colors, trim, and a new porch or portico... anything that will up the curb appeal and make the home more welcoming.

Hints: We are drawn to contemporary or "transitional" architecture. Every house in the neighborhood is painted some variation of tan/brown... something a bit different might be good. We understand the landscaping needs work, and are open to suggestions (there are already some gorgeous pink/red rose bushes in the front).

Feel free to take a look and let me know if you have any opinions. I've included a snap of us at the entrance, just for the purposes of showing the scale of the entry.


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Hi, Congratulations on your new home. I don't have any suggestions. I do want to say that I'm so glad you don't want to paint your house beige. Almost every house on my street is (except the pink one, lol and my green, and one other) and each time someone paints their house in the past few years its BEIGE!
sick of it.

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Do you know about the Vintage Woodworking web site? It is dedicated to old-style porches, mainly for Victorian houses, but it is chock-full of ideas and pictures of porch designs for all sorts of house styles. My wife and I added a covered front porch to our colonial style house 5 years ago, and I used this web site in my "design" - well, I knew what I wanted in the way of a porch and our contractor built it for us.

Anyway, this web site now has their porch design guide book integrated into it - I paid $7 for the book. I think you might at least get some ideas for porches and porticos from this site.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Woodworks Porch Design Guide

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