Looking for odd size sink

crl_March 12, 2013

Our very old kitchen could use a little help while we save up for a full-blown remodel. As part of that, I am looking for a new sink, but the current sink is not a standard size.

The current sink size is 31 inches by 19 inches and is just five and half inches deep.

We would replace the countertop around the sink as well.

I have someone coming to look at the job, but I think the closer I can find to the current dimensions the easier it will be to make this work.

My googling hasn't come up with much so far, except for a kohler cast iron farmhouse sink that is kind of sort of close. It would require some cabinet doctoring, but that might be possible. Unfortunately the sink is approximately $800 which is awfully high for a not-too-long term fix.

Anyone have any suggestions for a sink that would be close to those dimensions? Or places I should look?


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I too have (pretty unsuccessfully) been looking for an odd size sink. What I think is going to be the killer for you is the shallowness of the bowl.

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I would look for ADA sinks because they are often shallower. In a quick search, I found Elkay has a 31 x 22 sink 7 1/8" deep.

Below is a search from Faucet.com of sinks that are 5 to 6 inches deep. You don't have as much to chose from, but there are some available in a wide range of prices. If you are changing out that section of counter, then it does not matter if you get one exactly the same size, since a new hole will be cut in your new counter to match the sink. It seems that your main concern is that the depth be shallow, right?

Here is a link that might be useful: Faucet.com 5 to 6 inch deep sinks

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Thanks. Yes, definitely the most out of whack measurement. There may be some room to fudge with that. I am just not sure how much deeper it can get without necessitating a plumbing revamp. I will try to tease that out of the people I have coming to look at our job. In the meantime, I thought I would at least try to find something close in size as a discussion point with them.

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Thank you both! I talked with my handyman (who turned down the job as too much for him) and he thinks I have got about 9 inches in depth max. before the plumbing becomes an issue. I have someone else coming this evening who is interested in the job so we will see what he thinks.

I should add that the cabinets, as old site built cabinets, are not standard so I have about 20 inches front to back total. The faucet is wall mount and I would plan to replace it with the same to maximize the space for the sink.


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Thanks again for the efaucet link. I used the handy size search and found this stainless sink that seems like it should work. It is somewhat cheaper than the farmhouse sink I had previously found and should be less labor to put in (less cabinet work) so some avings there too. I would prefer cast iron, but given our other constraints, this seems like a good contender.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elkay stainless sink

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Check this out. It is cast iron too.


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Cool! Thank you. :)

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