Building New Deck- a question or two

salmon_slayerMay 9, 2009

I am finishing up my plans for a couple of decks. One is approx. 750sf and the other is approx. 100sf. We will be going with Ipe based on the recommendations of the people that frequent here. Almost went with Timberteck but .... afraid of mold and plasticy look. Anyway, any advise on whether or not a Metal Connector Nailer such as the Bostitch MCN250 is worth it. Time is precious for me so a couple hundred bucks is not out of the question if its a real time saver. Also, are the nails ok for the pressure treated wood? I did a quick search but could not get the specs on them.

2nd question is do you recommend installing adhesive on the PT, under the Ipe. I will be face screwing: 12" joist spacing, wood installed on angle.

thanks in advance - you have all been very helpful.


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I didn't find that nailing the joist hangers was that time consuming esp for the price of the Bostitch at $300...You should look at a framing nailer, finish nailer and impact screw driver for the IPE.

I put together a list of things that made my life below.

Here is a link that might be useful: tools

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grip rite sells a palm nailer for around $50 works great for hanger nails.
Good info from the Sparks

Around here my suppliers are going to mcq treated lumber replaceing acq that has a lot more water in it. I used the adhesive under ipe mostley as a protection against all the water escaping the pt frame in the first few important weeks. I probley wont do that with mcq. J.

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Thanks, I will pick up the palm nailer, I was looking for another reason to buy a new gun.

Went to the local deck supply shop yesterday to price things out - ouch

He recommended using a rubber "jacket" to go over the joists to help prevent rot. I was going to cover my doubled beams with Vicor. It gets pricey for the qtys I would need. Does anyone use it

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Usually the prices are better online for most all Carpenter tools. Its nice to go look at them at the lumber stores. One thing I do buy reconditioned tools,same warentey.

I dont use the various joist coatings. It seems to me they would hold and conduct moisture/mold. J

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Hi Salmon Slayer,

I did use Vycor on my deck, which is not as big as what you're planning so the extra cost (and time to add it) wasn't a big factor.

The reasons I decided to use it were:
- keep debris out from between doubled beams.
- protect end-cuts from moisture
- barrier between deck hardware (joist hangers) and PT
- make the top of the joists less visible when looking down between deck boards.
- maybe minimize squeaking?
- keep wet debris from settling on joists from deck topside.

Most of these are "vanity" things, for sure...but hey, it's my deck and I'll do as I please :) The chance of getting any significant structural degradation from, for instance, moisture settling on the topsides, is pretty low in my opinion. The only exception to this is the end cuts of the PT. When I demolished my old deck, I saw a lot of damage in this area. Hopefully, the Vycor can help slow this down (I used the Vycor to "cap" the ends).

If you do decide to use it, the only tip I can give you, to help reduce costs if you cover all joists, cut the Vycor in half length-wise. It's still wide enough to cover the top of a 2X with about 1/8" overhang.

I can post pictures if you think it would be helpful.

Good luck.

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