Upholstery class

kam76April 24, 2014

Have any of you ever taken one? There is one offered about an hour a way from me. It is three Saturdays cost is $130 and you learn how to reupholster your own chair. You have to buy all the supplies -they have tools you can use. I am trying to decide if it is worth taking a class or if I can teach myself by reading/watching you-tube videos. I am pretty crafty and I know how to sew but upholstery intimidates me. I have a CL chair that cost me $30 so I am not really worried about ruining it, but I'd love to have a nice chair for my living room not an "oops".

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I would take the class. It is reasonable and you will have a teacher available to assist you and can ask questions along the way. You will also find out if you even like it before investing in all the proper tools.

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Where is the class ? I want to go!

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I have taken a 6 week class and I am concerned that your 3 week class is pretty brief. In any case, I would take a class to learn the "right" techniques and hints. Choose a chair that is challenging (not a dining room chair) and be prepared to have homework! if you have any specific questions, I'll check back.

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I'm with ppben, where is the class, I want to go!
I wish there was a class within an hour of here.

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What kind of a learner are you? I'm a monkey see monkey do type so classes work well for me. A video doesn't give the the same experience and there's no accountability (which I need!) so I'd take the class.

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Sorry to hijack but mlweaving aren't you around Philly?
portsideartcenter.org classes in July!!!
email me


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Circus Peanut

Best reupholstery training book I've got is Upholstery Techniques Illustrated by W. Lloyd Gheen (say that name three times fast..!), which is used in many industrial schools. It's not as snazzy as the colorful newer books, but it's absolutely packed with the good details, and if you're already a sewer you've got a leg up with vocabulary and concepts. The photographs are admittedly bad in the version I own, but you can supplement it with one of the newer picture books from Singer, etc.

I'd take the class just to get a feel for it; you'll spend more than that on the right tools if you do it all yourself, so it's not a loss.

Here is a link that might be useful: Upholstery Techniques Book

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The class is in Bellevue, WA. It is about an hour from me but I am seriously considering taking it now. The chair I do have would be very easy I think...so I might have to reconsider and try to find one that will be more challenging so I really learn.

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kam76 - I did not have a class available near me, so learned from books and online. It took me a long time to get brave & finally start my first project (a simple office chair).

This forum has several members who posted their projects that really inspired me to start! I hope that you post about your experience (include pics) whether through a class or on your own.

Have fun!


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Can you tell me where the class in Bellevue is being taught? I'm interested in learning upholstery in Bellevue/Seattle. Many thanks!

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Amy--I'm not original poster but I know that Pacific Fabrics and Crafts in Bellevue offers classes in reupholstering. I believe the next class begins in late July.

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