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grammypFebruary 4, 2007

OK everyone, here it is. We have worked on getting up and moving for a month, now it is time to get serious and start counting those calories.

FIRST: we need to figure our metabolic rate.

This site will do that for you:


This will give you the number of calories you spend just to stay alive with no activity. In order to lose 1 pound per week, you need to cut 500 calories per day.

NEXT keep track of EVERYTHING you consume. This site helps you keep up with that:


This site offers a bit more info and help:


THIRD I know you are thinking "I'll starve to death", but you won't. Every exercise/movement will allow you to add calories to your diet. This is why we have been moving for the past month.

This site will help you keep up with your calorie expenditure:


DH and I tried keeping track on paper with little charts and stuff, but it grew wearysome (sp?) so we finally downloaded the DietOrganizer to keep up with everything for us. It also keeps up with protein, carbs, and fat for those who need it.

DietOrganizer link:


Use whatever method works for you, but you will be surprised how effective seeing everything you eat will be.

I know this is a lot, but let's get serious now. It isn't long till summer and we do want to look better in our shorts, don't we.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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That all sounds great. I feel like I am completely moving. Trying to get everything off the floors for the new carpet tomorow. My get up left me since I have been moving all week. The closet floors were full of seasonal stuff and Xmas. Its all in the garage now and I cant park there then tomorrow I start moving it back. So I am getting the exercise I noramlly dont get. After next week I should be able to start keeping track,


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Beverly, The week you had us keep track of what we ate, etc, I made up a spreadsheet and included the time I ate. I discovered I'm ready for breakfast about 2 hours after I get up (no matter what time I get up) and then I eat mini meals about every 3 hours after that. I'm now trying not to eat after 8pm.

SharonG/FL [

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Nanciii, you have certainly gotten all your movement in every day. How are the carpets?

Sharon you are an inspiration. I know you have really been sticking to the SBD, but were you surprised by how much you actually ate? You can use your spreadsheet to see your problem areas/times and try to work around them. The after 8 thing is really hard for me.

Keep up the good work everyone.


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I sure could go for a doughnut right now!! I've been trying to stay on course here at my sisters. We went to the store before she left and I have everything I need to keep on track. My mom thinks she's going to lose weight while I'm here......she doesn't need to! I don't think she will cause she's eating other stuff than what I prepare for her. I mainly prepare the evening meal and if there's any leftover, we'll have it the next day, too.

Exercise? Going up and down stairs......my room is on the lower level and mom is upstairs on the main level. My knees are not liking it......but, I guess that's why Aleve was invented.

Keep going everyone.....we'll get there eventually!


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