2-4 blessing/thanksgivings

grammypFebruary 4, 2007

After watching the news this weekend and seeing all the videos from Florida I am so thankful to wake up and be safe. I am thankful we have rescue/support people who work so tiresly in stricken areas.


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I am also thankful for a warm house and firewood. I am thankful our family is healthy and doing good. I count my blessings when I see the news so much heartache and misery in the world today. Lord please keep the folks in FL safe as they find new homes, friends. Give them strenght.


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My aunt in MI was watching reports about the tornado and sent this to me:

"Wonder if you happened to see the elderly gentleman (86) who was digging by hand through all his debris, under piles of lumber and tree limbs, etc., all the while the CNN reporter was trying to interview him. He said he was looking for his greatest treasure. Suddenly he screamed, "There it is, that's it!" as he was dragging it out into the open. It was his "MICHIGAN" jacket. He said his daughter gave it to him for Christmas. He struggled to put it on over his dirty, tattered "Michigan" sweatshirt he was wearing."

I'm thankful he found it! I hope there are many other stories like his.

As we watch the news and see the devastation after hurricanes, tornadoes, bombings, etc, we have much to be thankful for.


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I'm thankful I don't have to get out in the minus degree weather they have here in MN......brrrrrrrrrr. Well, I did go out and pull the trash can back up the driveway, but that wasn't for long. Yeppers, mom and I plan to stay in for the duration!.....at least until my sister and her DH gets back from IN.


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