gfci and pool light question for pb's

thejimbarApril 26, 2011

Opened our pool today. All is well except the pool and spa lights do not come on. All the breakers in the pool electrical box are good, but it appears the GFCI that is on the side of the electric box maybe be bad. It will not reset and it looks like maybe water got inside it over the winter. There is rust on the lower outlet. It looks like the lights are connected to this circuit. If it was a fault, wouldn't the GFCI reset and then click off again? The reset button will not click in.....any suggestions?

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Replace the outlet.


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That's what I figured, but wanted to hear it from you, thanks. Going to pull it out tomorrow and take it to the electrical supply store to get a quality one. Going to stay away from Lowes or the Depot. Am I correct that the lights are tied into this circuit? I see the line heading to what appears to be the conduit that heads to the pool.

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AFAIK there are no better quality ones available.

Electrical houses these days sell the same quality crap, just for more money.

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That's what I found out this morning. Ended up with the same Cooper Electric one that was no good. Replaced it today and all is well. Lights now work fine.
Thanks Scott.

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You might want to check the box it's housed in.


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Did, thanks Scott. I've got the foam seal tight and I also caulked around the edges. The reason it got wet over the winter was a contractor at my house doing HVAC work for me used the outlets and left the cover open.

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