2-26 Blessings/thanksgivings

grammypFebruary 27, 2007

What wonderful weather we are finally having here in centeral Alabama. The daffodils are in bloom, the temp today should be 71 and we are on our way to take DGS to the zoo. What a great day.


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Beverly, Enjoy your daffodils!! They are one of the flowers I really miss.

I'm thankful I was able to attend Bible Study last night.


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The last time I saw my Mom (to speak to her) before she died, she asked that I have a blood test to check for Rheumatoid Arthritis. (This was one of the things that she was suffering from). I had my first blood work done in early January and didn't hear anything about the results for some time. When I reached my doctor, she explained that she had ordered one set of screenings (basic) and that the lab did extra ones. The set she ordered came back negative but the ones they sent out came out positive. So she consulted with a specialist and it was recommended that I have more blood work done. On Friday I received a letter from her that the results were just fine. Phew! I am so relieved.
:)Kelly (NH)

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Kelly, I am so glad they came back good. I know your mom is too. RA is so very difficult and taxing.


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Thanks, Beverly-
It is a relief,
Kelly (NH)

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