Sports Pool or Traditional shallow to deep end?

southernmumApril 2, 2011

Hello pool lovers - Hoping to start our 2nd pool build after our move in a few weeks. The one thing we're debating about is pool depth. We currently have a 3ft shallow end that goes to 6ft. deep end. I have three kids, now approaching teen years, and they do like to jump in. We always stress to them and their friends it is NOT a diving pool, etc. Anyway, I'm now really liking the idea of a sports pool, as we play a lot of volley ball and someone always gets stuck in the deep end. Also would love more shallow, "usable" space. However, my kids really are hoping for a deeper end, like 8 ft. or so. I truly think after the novelty of a deeper end wears off, we'll all be hanging out in the shallow end again. Would love to know what you have, and the pros and cons of each. Thanks!

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I went with the advice of a neighbor that has a deep end. He said we would never use it after the first year. We go from 3 1/2' to 5 1/2' in the center to 4 1/2' on the opposite end. Works perfectly.

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If you have the budget and space for it, an L or dog leg shape can give you both.


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keithintx, those sound like very interesting depths. Never thought of doing it like that.

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We did L with a diving board. No regrets!! The kids and their friends use it all the time. Ages range from 16 to 5. I loved it when I was little and I still love it at 29 (wink)!

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Although we have plenty of land, due to the outdoor fireplace and patio that's already there, an L shape just wouldn't fit the space properly. I'd love an L shape though, then it's a win-win! Pretty sure we need to stick to a rectangle shape in our space. Still torn... I personally want more shallow, but with three wild and crazy boys (and all their friends), I don't want anyone to get hurt diving into too shallow of water. Hmmm..

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