Deck railing idea help, mix composite or vinyl with garapa?

diynjApril 29, 2008

Ok, I've tried searching the forums and I thought I'd seen someone do this with Ipe, but I wanted to a composite or vinyl baluster with a garapa cap rail.

Anyone know of accetable railing systems to use as a starting point?

The results of the searchs amounted to a lot of educated guesses but I was hoping someone may have already worked out the bugs.

Do I hope for too much?

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Never used composite or vinyl but the alum balusters go great with garapa. John.

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My railing has an Ipe hand rail and cellular PVC posts and balusters (same material as Azek). The balusters are solid, not hollow and the posts are reinforced with aluminum. The product is called Permaporch and, I believe it's manufactured by HBG columns. It was expensive, but looked so much better than all the composite and vinyl systems and my deck contractor was able to order the pieces separately so I didn't have to pay for a handrail I was going to use.

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That's absolutely beautiful!

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WOW, Great taste. Love the two tone colors and the varying woidth of the deckboards. How to the ballisters attach underneath? Have a pic of that and of your railings?

Are the posts the hollow kind that can slip over exiting posts?

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I too was frustrated by the lack of any ready-made railings like what you described. I was looking for something like what SCOTTE has but couldn't find it. So I ended up making my own. I haven't finished yet but here's a pic.

The bottom and middle rails are 2x4 ipe. The top rail is 2x6 ipe. The balusters are 2x2 cellular PVC. The posts are wraps I made out of 5/4 x 6 cellular PVC that drop over the 4x4 PT posts. I still have to put on post caps (the one shown is just a sample) and molding around the post bases. If you'd like more details, let me know.

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Ekoreilly, I believe the balusters screw in from the bottom. The posts and bottom rails are sleeves that slip over aluminum beams which are part of the system, The product can also be used with PT wood. The balusters are solid and have the weight of real wood. ptony that railing is really nice, wish I had your skill! Diynj: I'm also in NJ and if you are looking for a contractor, I highly recommend Joe "Decks" from Joe did a great job of making my deck look like it was always a part of my house and not an add on. He is very detail oriented, and I'm sure can give you the same look for your railing with Garapa. Here are a few more pics of the deck...I couldn't be happier with his work. These pics were taken before I painted the porch post, support beams, and Azek fascia

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That's is a BEAUTIFUL deck.I am considering installing Garapa on my deck, I live in Connecticut. Are you happy with they way that it has weathered?

I really like the details that you used. I can not tell from the pictures, can you provide me with more information on how the edge of your deck is finished (is that a strip of IPE or Garapa?) Also from the photos it appears that you used a hidden fastner system. Do you know what kind?

What product did you use to seal/preserve your deck.

Thank you again


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Thanks John.

The wood on the deck is all Ipe and the pics were taken prior to staining. Last year I used Woodzotic to finish, this year I let it go. Since Woodzotic is no longer available, next year I'll probably use WoodTux or Armstrong Clark after a good cleaning.

The edging is a cut piece of Ipe routered on the end and screwed in and plugged. It really gives the deck a more finished look hiding all the end cuts.

My contractor used Tiger Claw hidden fasteners, I believe the TCG type. These are made for hardwoods and are stainless steel with an anodized black finish. I know the concensus on this board is to stay away from hidden fasteners but my contractor insisted he has had great success with the TCG's.I do know he didn't purchase pre-grooved Ipe, but rather made biscuit cuts in the boards where the fasteners attach.

The deck is now two years old and I haven't had any problems. It is holding up great so far and I love it.


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Someone must know, are there drawbacks to PVC handrail setups like these? They look sharp.

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What's the downside to these PVC handrail setups?

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Having lived with mine for 2 seasons now, I haven't seen any downsides.

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Can the PVC be painted or stained ?
Thanks, salbwil

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I'm wondering about the strength of the balusters on Scotte's deck. I'm considering the Perma stuff because I want to decrease maintenance to the rails and I like the contrast. And when I check their website they call for a crush block under the rails. That's screams flimsy but maybe not. Scotte's doesn't have the crush block. What are you a rebel? I don't like the balusters that "drop in" to the holes creating a rattle when you lean on it and I don't want bending balusters. I want a Cadillac, but I can only afford a Pinto. I want to win the lottery but I never play.

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I love the railings with Ipe on top and bottom. I wondering what you used to hold the balusters on. Did you put something in the middle to hold them in place. Any info would be great.

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