Bracing a low level deck with hot tub

schutz2106April 17, 2014

Putting a 26 x 20 deck that the top will be 2 foot off the ground. Deck designed to 110psf. house is brick so no way to attach. Will have a 7 x 7 hot tub on one corner. Using 2x10 double beams and 2x10 joists 12" on center. beams parallel to the house 26 foot long. Beams will be resting on usp gold coat anchors directly on cement piers. no post between beam and pier. Just wondering if the beams should be braced against racking in any way. Was thinking about using blocking directly inbetween beam to beam and securing with some heavy duty spak screws. but just wondering if this is even needed as every joist will be attached to beam by either toenailing or I was even thinking of just using usp rt15 or 16 truss plates on each joist to beam connection. design did not state any other blocking or bracing but looking for any other opinions.

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Without pictures, plans or more details it will be almost impossible for anyone to offer advice.

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You need to calculate the load of the hot tub ... how many gallons, plus occupants plus tub.

From that, find out what sort of supports you need to have.

I would hire an engineer licensed to do the calculations and follow the plans.

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