Ipe vs. Thermory

lmgchApril 30, 2013

First post of what I anticipate may be many as we embark upon a number of projects.

We are less than 24 hours away from going before our town's Historic Commission to request approval to remove and reconstruct our large, wraparound front porch. Our home is a colonial dated to 1901 and the HC commission here in town is very tough on material choices.

We had settled on using Ipe for the flooring.

However, we JUST got an email from the contractor saying he thinks we should instead consider this stuff called Thermory.

I'm really irritated that this is coming totally out of the blue - we've been finalizing plans with him for over a month already.

But my husband thinks we should perhaps consider it. If, and only if, the HC allows us to gain approval with an "either-or" materials list.

Anyway, would greatly appreciate ay feedback/thoughts on this Theromy product. I can't seem to find much.

Thank you

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I have been in the construction supply industry for 30 years and have never hear of Thermory. I would probably stick with Ipe.

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Stan Cheshirsky

Ipe is 50%-70% more expensive than thermo-treated wood. And Thermory is not the cheapest thermo-wood, cos they are making it in Europe and importing to US. And all thermo-treated wood has >25 years life time without any stain. I found another manufacturer in US here (Welldonewood)

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There are many thermally modified lumber plants in North America. Search for it online. I live in a small town in Eastern Canada and we have a plant here, Thermowood Canada..

they all produce siding and decking products.

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Stan Cheshirsky

I also have found here thermo-treated siding made of Poplar and Cypress.

Unbelievable, they give 25 years warranty on cypress beveled siding.

You can order a free samples online, and then place online order. Just requested samples to play with it.

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