Mahogany or Douglas Fir for historic front porch floor??

sarahandbrayApril 20, 2013

After reading everything I can find, I am more confused than ever!!
1880's Victorian with a front porch that needs to be redone. Faces north, covered but gets rain when it's windy.
I hate to even replace the wood because everything I read says "you can't get that good a wood anymore." So what am I to do?
Edges are seriously rotting to about 1-2' in. Columns need to be replaced.
So far, the best I've come up with is Old Growth Clear Vertical Douglas Fir decking--but the cost seems to be very high, unless I'm researching this wrong.
Other option is mahogany. No matter what will be primed and painted.
Please help/advise!

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Either or same as I told you last year.

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Thanks! Was just hoping there was a clear winner!
Regular Doug Fir is cheapest, mahogany in the middle, CVG Doug Fir most expensive. Do I need to make the plunge and order CVG Doug Fir from some specialty place/Internet or will local Curtis Lumber suffice?

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5/4" x 4" T&G Douglas Fir Flooring, it will be clear, not necessarily VG but it does not need to be. You could probably also get it in Finger Joint since your painting.

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Thanks!! I had read horror stories of new growth T&G Doug Fir flooring warping/cupping and rotting out within ten years. That's why I'm so gun-shy about pulling the trigger. I don't want to have to have this front porch professionally redone anytime in the near future.

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Wood preservative all sides, then painted top and bottom. Keep up on the paint and make certain you do not have pooling or standing water on the surface.

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