OMG----all in one vacuum and steam mop!

joaniepoanieApril 18, 2014

Several months ago I posted about cleaning hardwood floors and complained about the two step process....vacuuming to get up the bits then dust mopping to get up the dust (as opposed to just vacuuming a carpet). I pondered why there wasn't a vacuum that could do both... and apparently now there is!

I just saw a commercial for the Bissell Symphony. It vacuums and steam mops at the same time. A quick look at some reviews and they seem favorable. It costs around $200.

Does anyone have one? What is your opinion?

I am tempted to run out and buy one today!

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It gets excellent reviews on

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IT Gets excellent reviews on the Bissell site as well. It's a clever design; vacuums ahead of the steam part. So long as the vacuum part is good, it's a great idea.

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Not sure of the exact product number -- but do check Amazon -- may be a better price there ...

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Sounds pretty spiffy!

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They had me till the triclosan. Too bad about that. I wonder if you have to use their pads or if it lets you use your own--they don't mention it, so I suppose not.

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check with your flooring mfg. Ours advised against using steam mops on the hardwood because it lifts the grain.

I bought an iRobot to vacuum frequently and I may save up for the IRobot mop once I have confidence in the mop product. I would like to run that in the bathroom. The vacuum is really good at picking up the fine dust on the hardwood and gets under most of the furniture. It has to be supervised if you have pets though, as it will run through any mess they might make (ick)

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