Adjusting tension when stippling

texstylesJanuary 31, 2009

Good morning,

Can anyone help me with tension adjustment when stippling. I use an all cotton thread both in the bobbin case and as top thread on my Pfaff 7550 and the loops at the back still don't look good. I have set top tension at around 3, which seems to be okay for the top...

Merci beaucoup!

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I don't know anything about your particular machine but the top tension is the one that will pull the bobbin threads tight against the fabric. So try tightening the top tension a little.
I would also suggest you post this on the Discussions page instead of here at Conversations. You'll get more answers.


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How can I post my question on the Convesrations page...

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Hey Tex,

You sound a tad confused -- perhaps I can clarify.

This IS the Conversation area (we use this for OFF-topics, that is to say non-quilt related topics, like new babies, friend's illness, wknd plans, New Year's resolutions, etc.)

To post at the Dicusssion area, pls. back up from here (using your Back button), at the top of the previous page look for "Discussions" & post there.

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