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dewalt17April 1, 2012

In the process of planning a owner built gunite pool and I am looking for information or list of equipment needs for my project. Design is basic rectangle design 16x30 with a 8x6 Baha Deck and 8x6 raised Spa. Pool depth from 4' to 6'. So I am guessing I need the following

Pool pump (size and brand to be determined) Pool return will be plumbed to Spa when it's not in use for spillover affect

Filter (size/type and brand to be determined)

Spa pump ( size and brand to be determined)

Spa heater (size and brand to be determined)

Spa blower (size and brand to be determined) Is this needed??

Cleaner (Like Polaris)

Cleaner Booster (size and brand to be determined)

SWG (size and brand to be determined)

Pool/Spa automation (to be determined)

2 Skimmers in pool (ok or too much?) (Type/Brand?)

Double main drain (Code I believe)

Returns to pool (how many?)

Bubbler on Baha deck (how many?)

1 Skimmer in Spa (Type/Brand?)

Double main drain (Code I believe)

Jets (how many and type?)

Let me know if anything is missing. I'd like to purchase all of this as a package if possible. So if you guys know of a good place to purchase all this for good prices please let me know.



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I've never seen 2 skimmers in a pool or a skimmer in a spa. Usually only one skimmer in the pool and none in the spa.

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We've got two skimmers in our 16' x 37' fiberglass. Most, if not all the other pools in my neighborhood have two as well.

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3/4, 36sq.ft. DE, 1.5hp, 400,000btu, 1hp (blower always needed on raise spa unless you want to listen to the air noise while you are in the spa, pressure side cleaners come with the booster pump, Yes, Jandy or Pentair pool/spa combo and salt generator, one skimmer, split drains for each pump, 3 returns + one in spa, what's a baja deck? if you mean a large bench in the pool then 2 bubblers look good but depth of bench will determine effect, no skimmer in spa if spa has a spillway into pool, if spa is separate from pool then you will need a skimmer overflow, 5-6 jets works well with 1.5 hp pump (need to match flow rate for jets to pump and distance from pool).
Pick brands that are available and used locally. Might be Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, etc. Try to match equipment( helps with warranty issues dealing with the same individual. Check local and state requirements for maximum hp sizes ( some require variable speed pumps or 2 speeds. Ditto fence codes, set backs, underground utilities, and septic systems. Good luck.

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Pools that are larger than 650 square feet of surface area generally have two skimmers, using today's construction standards. Spas that spill in to the pool should be added in this total. Spas that are "stand alone" and a separate body of water are not. The spill over acts as the skimmer.

In general, larger filters tend to work more effectively. This is because it helps to have the water passing as slow as possible through the media for improved filtration though there are some limits with DE filters. Charging a DE filter does require some velocity in the tank so that an even coating of media is obtained initially. With a cartridge filter, bigger is usually better and I have not found an exception there. Sand filters with 1.5" diameter plumbing inside don't cut it with today's in ground pools. They need 2" pipes. For example, a Hayward S244T with a two inch multiport will not make my list since it's internals are 1.5". The same for a Pentair Sand Dollar. I would urge up sizing.

With today's modern variable speed pumps and larger plumbing, after the initial charging, they can be slowed for filtering purposes. This does present some additional issues however. The pressure in the tank is reduced so the normal 10 PSI change we used to see with older, single speed systems, is now also reduced to a few PSI change.

Drains are more accurately described as submerged suction outlets. Think about it for a sec. What if they were on the side wall, 18" down from the surface. They MUST be split to conform to today's construction practices. It keeps you safer.

Pumps in a spa are typically still using about a quarter HP per port plus a blower. If the equipment pad is some distance, instead of a 1.5 HP pump, a 2 HP might be used but this is not the norm though it is distance sensitive.


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Thanks everyone for the responses. That's why I'm here to learn and hopefully pass on the info to others if need be. So with pool, spa and baha deck I am at 576 sq feet surface area. So that puts me at one skimmer, one set of main drains, 3 returns to pool, 1 to spa, 2 bubblers to baha deck. The spa one would be used for spill over affect and to keep the water in the spa circulating. Can a single pump run all these returns? I'd like to use something 2 speed or varible speed.

I only have experience with sand filters. But know things have changed over the years. So I'm looking for recomendations for filtering. Just so you all know I am not on city water. I get my water from my own well. If that makes a difference.

Whats the recommendation for pool plumbing. I was thinking 2.5 inches for suction piping and 2 inches for discharge piping. What size do the suction side of pumps have?

Sorry for all the questions but that the only way I will learn.

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Stick with a sand filter but use Zeobrite instead of sand. I had a Pentair Quad 100 DE filter. It is such a mess dealing with the dirty DE and it is either already illegal or likely to be in your area to discharge it to the street drain. I now have a Pentair Triton 140 sand filter, The water is crystal clear and when I need to backwash, the dirty water is discharged to the street drain. My Intelliflo VF also uses significantly less power with sand.

I have 3" suction and 2.5" return plumbing. The return plumbing splits down to 2" going to the left and right around the pool to the jets.

I was going to have a SWG but after much research and seeing some pools, I went with a combination of a Del Ozone ozonator and a Frog XL Pro for sanitation

my plan start with 1 skimmer but I am glad that I have 2. Lots of trees in my yard and even with 2 they fill quickly.

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Thanks for the reply. I was leaning towards the sand filter already. How does one determine what size filter for there pool? Does it go by square foot surface area? Or total gallons?

As for the pool plumbing. Do main drains and skimmers come with 3" connections? And on the return side if the piping is 2.5" isn't the return nozzle around 3/4" hole in it? Why use the larger piping when the return nozzle is only 3/4" or 1"?


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You would need to order or fabricate 3" drains. Bigger pipes move water easier since it is moving slower.

If you had 3/4" eyeballs, you would need enough of them in a loop or partial loop configuration to accommodate the big pipes. See the friction loss chart I linked at the bottom.

Sand filters are measured in square feet. The following chart needs the old () removed from the ends to give you a fair idea of a sand filter's needs.



Here is a link that might be useful: PVC Head loss chart

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