Happy New Year! January health goals

grammypJanuary 1, 2009

Here are my goals for January.

1) Eat 6 meals/snacks thruout the day

2) Eat more fruits and vegetables

3) No eating after dinner

What are yours?


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Good thread, Beverly!

1) Be diligent on getting over Bronchitis
2) Limit bread
3) Eat more veggies
4) Limit sugar in iced tea


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1. Stick with Weight Watchers
2. Go for a walk each day - at least 30 minutes of brisk walking
3. Use my garden cleaning time as good exercise

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1. Continue my exercise
2. Try not to eat between meals.
3. Increase my meditation and spiritual reading.

4. TRY to be nice!!


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I want to:
1.Eat less

2.No between meal snacks (just a bite is never
enough for me)

3.Get back to walking daily.

4.Be a today and tomorrow person--not a
yesterday person.


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Suggestion for you ladies who are trying not to eat btwn meals.

You're likely to lose MORE weight & keep it off longer if you DO eat btwn meals. It's better for you (as long as its healthy stuff like fruits, or veggies or greens w/ a bit of lemon & olive oil & clean proteins in small amounts (2-3 oz) or a handful of nuts (like 10 or 12 almonds or that amount of walnut halves or a handful of peanuts).

Eating with greater frequency not only keeps the body better sated, but keeps the appetite more in check 'cause the blood sugar levels are more even & less extreme. This also reduces cravings after a couple of days. The less extreme the fluctuation of the blood sugar & therefore one's insulin levels, the less stressful it is on the body.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but I sucessfully lost 20 lbs. in abt 4 or 5 wks, by doing this a couple of yrs. ago I also kept them off (for 2 yrs.) by doing this:

3 meals a day w/ 2 or 3 snacks in btwn, result was that I ate every 3 or 4 hrs (not a lot, but balanced).

My energy levels evened out as well as my mood. For more info., check out the book called:

Lose a Dress Size in 6 Days by Michael Thurman

I have no financial interest in this at all, simply found it to be amazing & revelatory in how well it works.

Mind you, I'm not married & have no kids, so I was able to handle the large amount of food prep & advance planning this required.

Also the author only wants folks to be on this regimen for 6-7 days; maximum 10 days at a time.

This worked AMAZINGLY WELL for me, wish the same for you.

PS: Not eating btwn meals is simply not realistic & therefore actually sets up the person trying this, to fail. Then one can beat oneself up for failing (yet again, right)? I urge you to try something different (like above program).

(PG) Karen

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My update:

1)I'm pretty much over bronchitis
2)Am trying to go from a full sandwich to half so only one slice of bread
3)Veggies? I'm still working on but they're in the fridge and I'm making turkey veggie soup today
4)Too cold for iced tea so I'm safe from the sugar in it...for now @:)


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Karen is absolutely right about eating more often. Of course, you hve to learn to stop when you are full at meals and not just clean your plate because you think you should. I eat 5-6 times a day, sometimes just an apple, but it seems to be working. I still get hungry, but can tell myself you have to eat in an hour, so just wait. And it works.

It also helps to log everything that passes your lips. I was amazed at what I was actually eating when I started writing it all down.

I also fix big batches of food so I can have a variety of vegetables available. You can eat cabbage soup all day and not get many calories out of it, but lots of fiber. The naval oranges have been really outstanding this year too.

Glad you are feeling better Sharon. Come on and eat those vegeies. Lots of fiber and vitamins.


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I don't think I am doing so good. I am on Day 5 of a Purpose Driven Life. I have gotten as far as day 17 of this book before but never all the way through.

I have done an excellent job of EATING from morning to night!!!So maybe if the meal never ends I'm not eating between meals. No willpower.

Keep on trucking everyone. Deanna

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Oh Deanna,

Pls. don't beat yourself up, it takes baby steps to get going you know.

Pls. recognize & credit yourself for at least (1) raising your awareness of the issues you'd like to work on; &

(2) TRYING to do things differently.

One of the things I most liked abt the eating plan I mentioned above is that it's satisfying & if one listens to one's body, after a couple of days one has no cravings & then it's about being sated so it need NOT be abt willpower!

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