pool return question

shootnparApril 26, 2011


when my pumps are running, I notice that water coming out of 3 of my returns have good pressure, but the 4th, on the far side of the pool, is almost nil, nada, none. But if I plug the other 3, which requires a couple of kids helping, I can increase the pressure a little bit.

The problem lies with heating the pool with solar. If all 4 were working with good pressure, the pool would heat faster. Is this a pump problem? Do I need a more powerful pump? Thoughts???

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and I should add, that i have two returns on the bottom of the pool, that nothing comes out of. Normal, anyone?

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Sounds more like a poor plumbing layout. Do you have adjustable eyeballs on each return line? The opening in the eyeball can usually be adjusted to even out the flow. If not, the water is taking the path of least resistance and just not flowing to the last return. This will not necessarily cause problems with the heating functions.

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Thanks golfgeek. Is there a way to power up to make them work? Heating is my issue. Figure if I have heated water coming out of the bottom returns, it would definately make the pool heat up faster rather than only 4 out of 7 returns doing the work.

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The returns on the bottom should be on a separate line with a 3-way valve. There is no way to make those bottom lines operational unless you can close down the surface returns and force water to the bottom.
If the surface returns have eyeball fittings, then it may be possible to restrct those so flow may be a little more even.

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