DH has heart attack

ngmnewlywedJanuary 5, 2008

Last Sat. morning about 3 am he woke up with severe chest pain and pain down his arm. He waited a while to see if it would go away (just like a man). At 5 am, I happen to wake up and see him sitting on the side of the bed and he told me what was going on.

He said that he had already taken 2 nitro and was going to go sit in his chair in the living room. I went with him. He had the 3rd nitro and then asked for aspirin. I told him if he needed an aspirin he was going to the hospital. He said he would go.

We arrive at Columbia VA and they don't do much for him. The EKG didn't show signs of heart attack and blood tests didn't show enzymes elevated. So they don't do anything for him except give him morphine. The said they called Charleston (where he had previuos stents) and said they didn't have a bed for him. After about 3 1/2 hours they sent him upstairs to MICU. They did nothing for him. He had to ask for a nitro patch. I inquired about the nitro drip and heprin drip (as advised from 2 other cardiac nurses from Richland Heart Center) and the Dr. said it wasn't necessary. He was offended I questioned his course of treatment and reminded me he was a doctor and they were just nurses. He continued to be in pain the entire day and nite.

So, on Sunday afternoon, they transported him to Charleston. We arrived there at 3 pm. He went by ambulance and I followed. The first thing they did is ask where his nitro drip and heprin drip were at. The EMT had to tell him there wasn't one. SO, they started him on those and did blood work. Turns out, he was having a heart attack. His levels were up when he came from Columbia and they kept rising. His attack was medium on the scale.

The did his heart cath on New Years eve. They were unsuccessful in removing any blockage. Surgeons came in and said that open heart surgery was too risky. The main vessel running right below the sturnum is the only one he has right now that is fully functional. If they had to crack his sturnum, they run the risk of damaging that vessel (which had already been bypassed in 95). So the only option he has right now, is to have them go in and try to use the rotor blade to drill out the vessels. They aren't even sure if they can get the wire for that through the blockages.

We came home on Wed the 2nd. He had chest pain all evening and all throught the nite. When he woke up he didn't have any more pain and has had none since then. He has been just trying to get caught up on his sleep.


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Oh Susie! You and your DH have been thru the mill! I'm so glad things worked out for him at the second hospital. Sure makes you wonder, doesn't it? I'm hoping there's some way the director of the hospital in Columbia will know about the incompetent doctor they have on staff and that their procedures need to be updated!

Hoping you both can get caught up on your sleep.


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So sorry to hear this. Will hold you both in the Light.

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Susie, so sorry to hear of this terrible time. Just keep knowing that you have us online who are able to pray and listen when you need an ear. Keep taking care of yourself too. Rene

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Susie  I am so sorry. What a scary and stressful time you both have had. IÂm thinking of you and hoping for all that is good.


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Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I will be thinking of you and will keep you and your DH in my prayers.

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I'll keep you and your DH in my prayers and thoughts during this difficult time.

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So sorry to hear you are going through such a stressful situation. I wish I could give you a hug and make you a cup a tea.
Hugs & Tea

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Susie, I'm so sorry about this. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Kay

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Susie, NEVER stop asking questions and making educated suggestions! And, if you have a Dr that doesn't like it, then get a new Dr! We must all be partially responsible for our own health and care, and now, with computers, there is a world of knowledge at our fingertips! I worked as an RN for many years and always told my pts the same thing.....that they needed to become a specialist on their own medical problem......! Our life may well depend on how active a part we take! When I was diagnosed with cancer, the 1st thing I did was call 1-800-4cancer to discover the latest on the particular type of CA I had, and I had Drs that KNEW I was going to be 'involved' in my treatment and care. Neither minded, and we all became friends, through the years...all partners in my care and eventual recovery.
Two years ago I had a massive heart attack...lost about 1/3 of my cardiac function, for many months (eventually it all came back)....and mine started with what I perceived as being indigestion (I'd never had it and thought that was what it was)....however, my enzymes were up by the time I got to the ER....and, I began saying "when are you going to start the heparin drip?....... if I hadn't gotten one pretty quick you can bet I'd have been demanding another ER doc. or making a fuss! Luckily, my care was good, but NEVER let any Dr. put you off...and, if his care doesn't suit you, speak up! I really believe we all need to be IN CHARGE of our care.....who knows, our life may depend on it.....and, see? You were right all along.. you knew better than he did!
In my own case, I had an emergency cardiac cath that showed that I have no coronary blockage....I had what was called a cardiac spasm, which is like a charlie horse in the muscles of one of the coronary vessels...my cardiologist likened it to being struck by lightning - can happen to anyone, any age, anytime! So, I was very lucky....my function eventually all came back and I do NOT plan to be hit by lightning again!! lol
So, read up, pal.... be familiar with what's new....what options are available to you.......if there are there any studies about his particular situation going on, etc....I believe with every fiber of my being that knowledge is power!

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Susie, I'm so sorry about your DH.I will
pray for both of you. Keep us posted on
his condition.

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Well, He has had some chest pains almost every day. Not severe, but still enough for nitro. He has finally gotten his spirits up a bit. He is not sleeping through the nite anymore. He naps throughout the day. I am not gettng any sleep because as soon as he makes a noise, I am wide awake. It is a trying time and we appreciate all the prayers and well wishes.

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Thanks for the update, Susie. When is his next dr appt? I would think they would do something about him not sleeping as getting his rest is very important....for you, too!

You both are in my prayers......


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I learned a lot from this post - my DH had a cath exam yesterday. Two blockages - we face more proceedures in the next few weeks.

So glad you all posted, Thanks!

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Did he go to Charleston WV? I actual work at that hospital in Open Heart Surgery. You can send me a private email at stashie at hotmail dot com if you wish

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How scary for you! I totally agree with Sandra on this one (I'm also a retired nurse) DH thinks I'm maybe too eager to let my Dr. know what I need, but I'm lucky, he's a good Dr. and does listen to me, and knows I'm medically-trained, and who knows better than me what my medical needs are. We all have the wherewithall to become more educated about health. Hope your DH continues to improve!!!

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OK, small update. He is not having chest pains now. Hasn't had for a couple days. He also went (slowly) up a flight of stairs yesterday. His spirits are better today than they have been. That is a good sign. He has been very depressed. I hope he keeps up the good mood. SO, I still am not sleeping, but I try to get a nap when I come home from work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers!!!

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Bless you and yours, I know it is a stressful time for you.
My DBIL woke my sister up Friday morning about 1 AM sweating and having problems breathing.
At the hospital he was stablized and then had a massive coronary attack.
He died about 2 AM and he was 41 years old. No high blood pressure or cholesterol.
My sister's faith is strong and she is doing much better emotionally than I would have expected her too.
I don't know if the sudden deaths are easier than the long illnesses. I have been thru both and both are painful.

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Sue, glad things have improved a little for you and your DH...and may they continue to improve.

Rosajoe, my deepest condolences go out to your and your family! What a shock! That is the same age (41) my father died from heart trouble.

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Bless you heart and hubby's. Please know y'all our in my prayers and hope they can correct any damage.


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OK, thought I would do a follow up. He is doing much better every day. He is able to go out to the mail box and down to the barn without having any problems (shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pains) and he has even ventured out to the shop in the garage and puttered around. So, I wanted to tell you all, I am thankful for all your prayers and concerns. Although they haven't been able to do anything but medicate him, he has still come a long way!! I am able to sleep once again!!
Thank you again.

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So glad you are getting some sleep. It is important for you so you can take care of other things.
I pray DH continues to improve.


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How is your DH doing? I hope he is improving.

Give us an update.

Thinking of you and yours.


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He is coming along really well. He had a problem with his blood pressure being too low and they adjusted his medication and seems to be working out well now. Thanks for asking about him!!! Thank you all so much for your concern.

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